Cooking Day 3

Remember when I had a schedule for posts?  That’s kind of stopped. This is better for me, just posting when I can, and if it works for anyone else too that’s great.


I made Roast Beef for the first time.  I capitalized that for a reason.

I had:

1 small pot roast of beef, small cut, about four servings

4 large carrots

1 zuccini

1/2 onion

4 small potatoes

1 crock pot


I basically put everything inside the slow cooker with a bit of water and salt for five to six hours while I was at school, and then I checked the potatoes and turned the heat up to high since they weren’t cooked.  If I did this again I would probably put some more onion in and cook it hotter for longer but the meat was amazing, and it could use a bit of butter and brown sugar, because everything tastes better with butter and brown sugar but to be perfectly honest I’ve never been more proud that when I bit into everything and it wasn’t a disaster.

It’s a good way to look at cooking:  At least it was not a disaster.


And so I am optimistic!  I don’t think I will do it again this term until I get home, but I do feel good about finishing it.


Looking ahead for this coming week I am going to make a small lunch meal on Tuesday of a chicken breast with barbeque sauce in the slow cooker with caramelized sweet potato with onions and red pepper.  I thought of this because I needed something substantial and different for lunch, and I have some chicken that neeeds eating and you know what?  I’m cool.  Looking ahead to the upcoming week I plan to crack open my new Jamie Oliver Meals in Minutes cookbook I received for my Birthday and pick one at random.


Oh the joys of becoming an adult.




Cooking Day 2

I was going to make something exciting and new this Tuesday as per usual but I ended up kind of having a silly day, so today I am going to talk about something amazing.

If you don’t go to Guelph you won’t understand what I mean by the “living room” of campus, but the Bullring is seriously the charismatic “Central Perk” of the Guelph Campus that is open on the weekdays, and today I had my first coffee from there.  It was a small, and it was so smooth, and I am going to campus early tomorrow just to get a large for my class that I have.

I only just recently started coffee, I say that like it happened yesterday it was honestly a year ago but it feels like yesterday, because every time I drink coffee it feels amazing.  I first tried a cappuccino and enjoyed it while in a piazza in Italy (the one with the antlers) and it was heaven.  From that moment on I have loved coffee and not looked back.

For those who have loved coffee from the first moment they were allowed to drink it, kudos to you, because I missed out for a while.  To everyone who prefers tea and is scoffing that I’m writing this all about a caffeinated teeth killer I still love my tea and hot chocolate, just as much, actually, but today it was a coffee day.

No, I’m not going out and buying my own coffee machine tassimo keurig, and I’m not buying a fifty dollar Second Cup card, I am merely leaving five minutes earlier so I can pick up one very delicious cup of coffee, for under three dollars.

Take that, Starbucks.


Benefits of Water

While home for the Christmas break I forgot my water bottle and although plenty of clean cold water was available I found myself dehydrated on more than one occasion and breaking out like crazy.  While in England I had this sporty red bottle I got from the Farmer’s Market, and didn’t feel that way very often.  For me, drinking water makes one of the biggest differences in my life in a variety of different ways, Beauty being one of them.


My skin responds well to hydration, as does many people’s skin, and something I’ve learned quite recently is that so does your body, and your head.  I have a regimented skin, sleep, eating, all kinds of routines, but when my water bottle doesn’t sit right beside me on my desk reminding me to drink it I forget completely.


So what is today’s recommendation?  Try having a water bottle or two every day, because something about that crazy water drink is that it is actually very good for us.


Now I realise that I just wrote two very opposite posts about drinking different liquids, but the other thing that should be evident here is that balance is important, too.  I’ve been struggling a lot with balance lately.  How to balance school and a social life, indulging in food and eating healthy, sleep and Netflix, it all counts and acts against the other things in my life.  Balance is sexy, but tottering over every once in a while isn’t the end of the world.


So, drink water, be happy, let yourself fall sometimes that’s cool everybody falls.



The Playwrighting Diaries: A Funny Thing

This just happened and I found it hilarious and thought I’d share.  I was reading up on Michel Tremblay last semester, who is a Quebecois-Canadian playwright who wrote Les Belles Seours and is a fabulous writer, and while researching his process he mentioned that he sits down with his characters and has a conversation with them and once he knows them well enough he can channel them through his writing.  I find this absolutely incredible because I write in a similar way, and I thought I’d share.


This just happened to me.


I write by speaking the words and typing at the same time especially with dialogue so I know what the characters inside my head will say to eachother.  I’m writing a snappy dialogue between some people, and I wrote a name and what they said out and then stopped, which is unusual because I usually just go for it all in one go, and it didn’t feel right.  Why?  Because what I had typed didn’t sound like the character who said it at all, and I had to go back and go “a-ha!” its not you but yooou!  Wonderful, great thing I noticed that, and moved on.


This might not be fascinating to anyone else, but when I write a story or a poem or a play especially a play I tend to have the characters hanging out in my head for weeks before I actually start formulating an idea or writing at all.  These characters change and form around th things that I go through in my life, but the most interesting thing is that sometimes I end up responding to people with things that these characters would say, not me…  It’s a strange feeling, being consciously aware that you are spewing other people’s words.  Being a creator is scary.


Thought I’d share, as I’ve embarked on the journey to wherever I’m going I think I’ll keep sharing tidbits.  Hope all is well,



Beauty? One Mirror Makes a Difference

For Christmas I received a mirror that lights up around the glass part.  Being who I am I don’t actually use a mirror that often so this is relevant to me and probably me alone, but it happened nonetheless.  I wasn’t able to write this post on Friday because it happened the next day and you know what?  That’s fine.  Here I go, using a mirror.


I didn’t know how to turn it on, and I didn’t know how to make it look at my face.  Is that a weird way to think about mirrors?  I mean we rely on them to show us our faces but what if  they didn’t match our faces right away?  This mirror has a sneaky bend-able stand which I turned upwards as I use this mirror on my desk.  Eventually I hope to own a vanity table suitable for adults and not the same one I’ve had since I was five.  After figuring this all out I proceeded to do my makeup with the slight advantage of a lighted mirror face.


The issue:

I already have dark circles under my eyes more than the average bear because of all of the surgeries that I go through, and while applying my regular undereye laminations (it sounds like potions class) I was convinced that my silly left eye was darkish purple and red underneath, and asked Judith to help and see if my eyes matched.  They did, and so the thing about this mirror is is that it skews the colours on me sometimes, which isn’t a huge issue since most of anything I see isn’t the right colour anyway, but it would be brilliant if it wasn’t magnified by the mirror (pun intended).


The Bonus:

I love that after my blush and bronze go on that this mirror makes my face light up.  Maybe I should wear a frame around my head everyday that makes my face shine like it does in this mirror, or maybe this mirror just has the added ability to show me that I do have a bright face, but either way it helps the confidence a little.  Makeup is meant to be applied while in a lit room while a focused hand takes its time around your face.  The brighter the better, it seems.


This mirror reminds me of the bathrooms in the Rockafellar centre in New York City.  There was a Powder Room in the ladies’ and it had the lit Dressing Room lights and soft padded stools so the women of yore could sit and bask in beautatious light.  This mirror has the ability to accompany my already strange makeup routine into a new level of detail:  I can now see the imperfections myself.  Is this a good thing?  Probably not, but when it comes to the mask of makeup its best to try and be as precise as possible.


Until next time,



Cooking Day 1

Inventive Chicken Marsalla?

Being a student I don’t find a huge range of materials in my kitchen for inventive cooking, and since I’m on a tomato kick I decided that chicken breast with tomatos it is, and for the most part this was simple.

For a single serving (Just for little old me!)

1 tomato

1 lean boneless chicken breast (I did from frozen)

1 handful of mushrooms (or more who really measures?)

1 sprinkle of salt

Some wata



So This was very quickly made before heading to campus for my classes today, so I started just after lunch by slicing up the tomato and then placing it on top of the chicken inside of the slow cooker.  I put some mushrooms on top and sprinkled in some salt.  I ran a bit of water in just so the chicken stayed a bit moist since I was leaving it in there for a few hours on low.  I turned it on (apparently not though so Judith kindly figured that out for me and turned it on) and I returned four hours later to a meal I had already made.   Hungry five-thirty Jessie appreciated this gesture, and so I had my meal.

It was good for the most part.  I feel like it would be better with a can of tomatos which is how marsalla is usually made, and potentially some rice, although I was tired of rice as of today and accompanied my meal with crackers (you will not be surprised if you know me at all).  This was an adventure to say the least because I was not following a recipe, and so for next time I think I might add some other things in, but I will need to go out and buy some more adventurous spices, I would love some dill, rosemary and oregano.  What has the Food Network done to me?

It was still delicious, though.

So what have I learned?  Today has been a good day, and coming home to something already being made is wonderful.  The slow cooker is ideal for me because I do not do much homework in the mornings before lunch so I have more time to prepare earlier on in the day.  It also is great for leftovers because I am able to make like four chicken breasts in there or more at a time, which makes for future meals as well.  I think I am going to try some other type of meat in the next few weeks, I hear that beef isn’t too bad in the slow cooker.



Dearest Diary

There was once a glass of red wine and a good soundtrack for a Sunday evening.  It was happenig now, on this fifth of January in the year 2014, when a young Lady decided that in order to start off her new blog project she was going to have a glass of wine and think about her goals.  How boring, you might think, especially if you haven’t read my previous blog projects.  My goals specifically for this blog grow from a small seed planted early last month when I decided to write an “Everything Blog” where I could have certain days for certain things and then write diary posts for the rest. Today is the first Diary posts, which will be on Sundays.

Tuesdays will be food day, which might be challenging since I have classes on Tuesdays but it is going to motivate me to actualy o some cooking and baking.  Fridays are going to be beauty days, where I am going to write about clothes, makeup, skincare and all of that.  And I am giving myself the agency but not the limitation to write on any other day that I choose in order to fulfill my heart’s desires in written form.  An online notebook, as you will.

So for my first Diary post I am going to start by saying how wonderful today has been.  I spent a long time in the theatre that I have grown so comfortable in searching, watching, and editing my notes in order to fully understand this play that I’m working on.  When I deided I wanted to be a playwright I never thought that I would be watching my work so soon, but how exciting it actually is.  Today has been…incredible.  I cried watching my favourite scene from my play, and that is saying something.  A massive thank you to the wonderful people working on this play  I don’t know, but either way, thanks regardless.

The only other thing I can think of to say this evening is that on the eve of my final semester of my first two undergraduate degrees  I am both excited and nervous for it all to start tomorrow.  The snow has been plentiful around campus and the company has been wonderful, and among many things I can’t help but become a little preemptively nostalgic as this will be the last time I witness the campus in full snow swing.  Ah, moving on with my life, it feels fantastic.

Bring on the challenges, bring on the party, and bring on the words that this blog will hold.