Benefits of Water

While home for the Christmas break I forgot my water bottle and although plenty of clean cold water was available I found myself dehydrated on more than one occasion and breaking out like crazy.  While in England I had this sporty red bottle I got from the Farmer’s Market, and didn’t feel that way very often.  For me, drinking water makes one of the biggest differences in my life in a variety of different ways, Beauty being one of them.


My skin responds well to hydration, as does many people’s skin, and something I’ve learned quite recently is that so does your body, and your head.  I have a regimented skin, sleep, eating, all kinds of routines, but when my water bottle doesn’t sit right beside me on my desk reminding me to drink it I forget completely.


So what is today’s recommendation?  Try having a water bottle or two every day, because something about that crazy water drink is that it is actually very good for us.


Now I realise that I just wrote two very opposite posts about drinking different liquids, but the other thing that should be evident here is that balance is important, too.  I’ve been struggling a lot with balance lately.  How to balance school and a social life, indulging in food and eating healthy, sleep and Netflix, it all counts and acts against the other things in my life.  Balance is sexy, but tottering over every once in a while isn’t the end of the world.


So, drink water, be happy, let yourself fall sometimes that’s cool everybody falls.




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