Preparing For Success


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who would blast them out of the water, but approaching some very important interviews in the near future I find myself shaking at the thought of having to sell myself, to advocate for my own intelligence and positive work ethic.  I feel pressure to prepare and over prepare, to anticipate questions, and to smile.  Why does smiling seem to hard when you want it to look kick ass?  Needless to say I have found myself among other things practising interviews in the hower.

It kind of seems like I’m talking to myself, or just bragging about myself in the shower.  I think the hardest part of an interview for me at this point is going to be articulation.  I can be clear and concise and persuasive when writing a paper because I have time to look over my work…But on the spot?  I have a very hard time articulating clearly my thoughts.

And so, in order to prepare to succeed I am articulating everything.  I am using concise words, and I am explaining things in detail.  Everything.  I have tried to order things at restaurants in an articulate way, I have tried asking questions back in a smart, witty way.  Wit is another weak point of mine, and so I’ve tried working on that too.  I’ve decided that in order to succeed while in a high pressure interview situation is to actually play on what you are good at.

I am good at…um…

Well, a lot of things, and that’s just what I’m going to stick with.  I was going to read a bunch of plays, and doa  lot of research, which I will still do a bit of, but for the most part I am going to just be honest.

I like challenging and provocative plays that present things in a strong and clear way, be it funny or emotional.  I like writing with only one light on sitting on the floor with a tea and loud Billy Talent-esque music on.  I love writing blogs and watching youtube videos but also love reading a good book for hours.  I love to read on busy packed busses.  I love working with people and in a team setting but love to be challenged independetly.  I like reading plays but poetry is my favourite to read with my eyes.  I am passionate about helping people and want to use my strengths to do so.

And so, that’s what I’m going to say.  I have found that success comes when you are comfortable.  Unfortunately I will not be the most comfortable in any of the interview settings as I will be completely disoriented and out of my element, but I think I am ready and striving, thriving for the challenge.  I love being challenged, and it all becomes worth it.

So if I cannot be comfortable I am going to go in confident.  Confident that I know what I’m good at, be honest about my weaknesses, and smile.  Because smiling is nice.


xx Jess


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