June 24

I’ve felt ashamed for not having things to do with my time so I have not written anything for you, and for that I apologise.  I still have thoughts and purpose but I have trouble articulating without something to keep me busy.  How strange, that when I finally have time I no longer have the motivation to write on a blog basis, or in any kind of medium at all.  I thought I’d write about how stupid that is, because life is purposeful even within nonexistent stimulus.  So what have I learned from this that I can pass on for you?

Just do it anyway.  Keep doing what you love even if no one pays attention, because that is what is important to you and that is what matters.


Pamper Night Routine

Hello!  I’ve not written in a few days and I wish I was but there hasn’t been much going on as I continue my Funemployment, and so today was the first day in a bit for me to just venture out and about and get a bit done!  I hitched a ride to the mall with my sister off to work and got my FIRST French manicure ever! My nails are hardly ever long enough and so now that they are they are beautiful and the loveliest man did my nails so it was nice.  I bought some yoga props and some other various cheapies pamper stuff and a sub andthen bussed home to eat my lunch.

I’ve spent this afternoon  doing a handful of random things.  I’ve been catching up on Youtubes mostly, but once I turned on Suits the Pamper Night began!  (“Night,” because it streams into the night, it was more like a Pamper Afternoon)  I began by trying out some different makeup ideas for m convocation tomorrow and after that was all done I spent a good little bit of time doing some waxing and shaving my legs to get everything smooth (I love exfoliating everything t really is a pearl).

After supper (which was tacos with my family, they were very tasty) I did my yoga practise which was called…”Overcoming Your Ego” which was a lot of strenuous back bends which I could only do a few as I took an intermediate practise but haven’t actually been practising full time in a long while and so…I couldn’t honestly go through fully with the moves, but it was just focusing on honouring your body anyway, and then I moved on from that to the best part of pamper night which is the BUBBLE BATH!

I do my bathes very specifically so I’ll do a quick run down of how I like to do them.  I start by piling in my Vanilla and Cookies bubble bath into very hot water and setting up the side of my tub with smelly soaps, razors, my exfoliating scrubs and facial washes, a glass of wine my ipod and my phone.  I have a very large squish towel and a robe to go on before and after and an orange mango soy candle to pop on beforehand.  I’m odd and only spend enough time in the bath to do my cleaning and don’t really relax in there as I get a bit too hot and its uncomfortable so I get out, rinse, and moisturize IT ALL!  After the clean up I usually pop back on Youtuberino and pop on a background listening video (usually a Favourites or a looong daily vlog) and find jammies.

After the bath portion of my evening I usually find a tv show or a film to watch.  Tonight I am planning on watching Before Midnight which has been recommended to me numerous times by many people so I am very excited about it.  This viewing might be interrupted by the POTENTIAL Stanly Cup final game being played and I usually pop in for the last thirty minutes EVEN when it’s a pamper night.

As any lady knows a pamper night isn’t complete without snaks!  As I’ve been TRYING to be healthier this month I’m going to go for plain water (can’t deal with any breakouts for grad tomorrow) and some Blue Menu microwave popcorn!  It might sound boring but nothing is more fun than popping popcorn.  Nummy!

That’smy evening’s details anyway, and usually during my Pamper Nights I would read in the tub and a bit outside if it was nice but its not exactly beautiful sunset weather and my ipod has died, so I’ve decided to keep all of that for this weekend when I spend an entire PAMPER WEEKEND at the beach!  Martin will not be accompanying me and so I will have loads of time to read my books, watch my crap girl shows and exfoliate.

Because exfoliation is key.


Lil Yogi

I have been trying to find a fitness routine that works for me at this moment and after finishing my final term at universatiy I have been finding myself in the “rocky waters” of life with my own mentality towards everything as well as looking forward.  So, I’ve been looking into different things.  What has always worked best for me is yoga and walking, and so I am making a wee pact, here’s what I’d like to do:

Every day I would like to do at least a half hour of directed yoga, this is including only the five days of the “work week” and if I needed to take one day off I could.  I would like to then combine a half hour of my own lead practise for one of the weekend days.  This shouldn’t be hard as there are a variety of super yoga practises on youube that I have recently been trying out, and among every other workout Yoga has remained my favourite.  It combines core strength, breathing, stability and stretching to obtain a peaceful, lean body.  I would like to do this and am confident that with the help of a daily reminders and my lack of employment that my boredom will surely come to yoga once in a while or every day as I am hoping).

It is a path to peace that continues from the moment you try a yoga practise until you pass, and there is something comforting within that fact.  Our entire life we strive for finality, to continue on to become better to grow to big ambitions and goals, but yoga is a continuum, you are always getting better and there is always room to succeed further in your own practise.

The yoga practise I tried today wass not a conventional sun salutation but it was focused on ease and comfort, and now I embrace the journey to get to those poses and the build up to it instead of the satisfaction of just completeing them.  I feel stronger today, to the point where I may do the same practise tomorrow and try to improve.  This is the first time that yoga has inspired me to do this.

So we will see how all of this goes, I hope that it remains as fulfilling as it was today.  I would also like to indulge further into “Yoga From the Inside Out” which I purchased earlier this year in Guelph, and it is about appreciating your body through yoga.  I appreciate a lot of things but my body could use a bit more from me.

It has always been a journey, and this is the only aspect in my life where there is no pressure for the future but to improve and shine in my own fashion.