Lil Yogi

I have been trying to find a fitness routine that works for me at this moment and after finishing my final term at universatiy I have been finding myself in the “rocky waters” of life with my own mentality towards everything as well as looking forward.  So, I’ve been looking into different things.  What has always worked best for me is yoga and walking, and so I am making a wee pact, here’s what I’d like to do:

Every day I would like to do at least a half hour of directed yoga, this is including only the five days of the “work week” and if I needed to take one day off I could.  I would like to then combine a half hour of my own lead practise for one of the weekend days.  This shouldn’t be hard as there are a variety of super yoga practises on youube that I have recently been trying out, and among every other workout Yoga has remained my favourite.  It combines core strength, breathing, stability and stretching to obtain a peaceful, lean body.  I would like to do this and am confident that with the help of a daily reminders and my lack of employment that my boredom will surely come to yoga once in a while or every day as I am hoping).

It is a path to peace that continues from the moment you try a yoga practise until you pass, and there is something comforting within that fact.  Our entire life we strive for finality, to continue on to become better to grow to big ambitions and goals, but yoga is a continuum, you are always getting better and there is always room to succeed further in your own practise.

The yoga practise I tried today wass not a conventional sun salutation but it was focused on ease and comfort, and now I embrace the journey to get to those poses and the build up to it instead of the satisfaction of just completeing them.  I feel stronger today, to the point where I may do the same practise tomorrow and try to improve.  This is the first time that yoga has inspired me to do this.

So we will see how all of this goes, I hope that it remains as fulfilling as it was today.  I would also like to indulge further into “Yoga From the Inside Out” which I purchased earlier this year in Guelph, and it is about appreciating your body through yoga.  I appreciate a lot of things but my body could use a bit more from me.

It has always been a journey, and this is the only aspect in my life where there is no pressure for the future but to improve and shine in my own fashion.



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