Crop Tops: …why?

Bikinis, low-slung skin-tight jegging jeans, thronged spiky heels, thongs, and to top it all off: crop tops. This list of things that I find strangely uncomfortable to wear and at the same time pressured to buy them, lust after them, and hope that my muffin top doesn’t poke through the bottom half of the crop top. Is it okay to wear these things? Sure, hell, you can do what you like. I wore thongs for five years of my life, whatever makes your bum feel confident wear it all, do whatcha like, who am I to lecture on female fashion?

Well, actually, I find myself in a strange position, because I am a consumer of fashion, a “well respected follower” if you will, and I like to think that I function on the lower section of fashion, the low-end, affordable, comfort end that also looks cute, and the past few summers has included crop tops, the invention that has brought back the nineties mid-drift and mixed it into a millennial;s concoction of high-waisted, low-slung, bra-letted fashion trend of 2014.

Do we actually enjoy wearing them?

My favourite things to wear in the world are dresses, leggings with long cosy tshirts, scarves, oversized jackets and aloe-infused socks. Does that mean every day I leave my house looking like a hobo from the seventies? Not exactly, but occasionally. I’m one of those you-can-wear-makeup-all-day-every-day-if-you-want-but-i-am-okay feminists, so low maintenance fashion is perfect for me. Crop tops seemed to have happened by accident, as if someone bought an extra small size and thought “hey, this would look good if I brought the line of my jeans up,” and you know what? It is a cute look.

My first crop top was two summers ago when I bought a large-knit cream top that was longer than the ones you’d see today, but it still served its purpose and I thought it was pretty rad. I wore it without a bandeau sometimes, and now I find it hard to wear because my weight has changed, and so has my age. I am no longer nineteen and bangin’ at the bars anymore (awas I ever really “Bangin’”? Is that a strange bar-related word? I’m outdated.). The mentioned crop top has since been retired as it has holes and is beyond out of style, but the crop top imprint remains.

I don’t know why I continue to wear them.

That’s a bit dramatic, I actually do enjoy the look they give off, I have a handful of solid colour, snug, longer crop tops that were all on sale and they are all wore with high waisted skirts and that is final. What I don’t understand are the pastel or neon, printed, boobs-only/cut-out/full stomach showing bras (essentially) that are supposed to be so hip and fun worn with shorts, jeans, and…leather pants? Am I completely out of it here or is this crazy? I am all for being fashionable and wearing what looks good on my body, but what I’m saying here is these crop tops aren’t my cup of tea.

I’ve seen many a young lady flaunting her mid sections, and good for them, show them off show them your flat, semi-toned tummies, but they are just not for me. I wear what is comfortable for me, and I only hope that the reasoning behind crop top wearing is only because women everywhere feel empowered and enlightened to have the bodies they do, and not because they are reading Vogue, Cosmo, or a blog written by a man saying “Crop tops are the sexiest thing for a woman to wear” I’m under the impression that so is smiling, and elbow-length satin gloves, and a giraffe onezie but I don’t walk around everyday overheating behind a printed cotton fabric, I keep those for special times.

What is the point of this? I just honestly wanted to say that I find crop tops kind of silly as a trend. They are plastered in pretty prints but if it is more comfortable (and better looking, in my opinion) to wear a soft, brightly coloured (or printed) t shirt then do so, no one’s stopping you.



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