Dining Controversies

I have had a love-hate relationship with food for a long time. Sometimes I love to go out and have food with my friends, but that honestly is seldom. Going out to eat for me is a hard thing, not only is it expensive but I usually am sick from the amount of sodium that is used. I’ve had my gall bladder removed and have hard time digesting anything too greasy, and to be honest I enjoy a home cooked meal with friends just as much as going out. If I only had to go out when we went to a steakhouse where I could eat a baked potato, veg out on the couch and watch tv and then sleep then that would be wonderful, the perfect way to eat out (not healthy, do not actually do this if you want to be healthy) but it seems as though everyone wants to go out these days.

There’s a whole twenty-something culture about going out with friends for sushi, or for nachos, and talking and chatting and catching up with someone, but in all honesty you are so distracted and it is in such an un-intimate space that it seems as though the pressure to eat healthy, not spend too much money, and still keep a close-knit conversation about your life going that it makes more sense to go to the grocery store beforehand and invite someone over to make food. Call me old fashioned but I enjoy actually doing things with the people I care about.

Working together, laughing about mistakes, making memories, are worth more than going out sitting down and exchanging stories in public. Given that is one way of comradery that is fun at times, but I want variety and I want genuine moments. I feel pressured to act a certain way in public let it be the panoptical effect of society or just how I act in a restaurant, but I would rather have you over, make a nice salad and watch Love Actually (a real occurance that happened just a mere week ago) with peppered out-dates. This goes for any relationship, but I find that friendships sometimes get stuck in the out-for-a-meal-or-drink cycle, which can get expensive and…boring.

Hope this rang some bells for you, it grinds me sometimes, but I have challenged myself and my friends to make our food more or at least buy and eat at home, this way you are both/all in a more comfortable setting and you have the ability to really spend time together.

Xx Jess


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