Two Batches Later

There is something calming about baking. I made muffins the other day, and at an attempt of being healthy I used a strange and dense recipe for oatmeal-aplesauce-dairy free-raspberry muffins that were from scratch and delicious. I love to share my baking, and so these muffins have been spread about my family and friends, and it is something of a feat to have said that I made them from scratch (my grandmother was rightly impressed that I wasn’t using something from the box).

I have learned that the recipe is supposed to be followed, that is important, it is like chemistry, if you skimp on one important baking ingredient things fall apart. Also timing is everything, if you want them to be crisp on the outside and moist on the inside then you have to watch that clock. I’ve learned that I look cute in my apron. I’ve learned that baking in a full kitchen with a dog on the floor watching you for dropping ingredients becomes a bit hasty and chaotic, but for the most part baking is…calming. Calming indeed.

It gives me something to do is all, something to plan and work at. I’ve made two batches now, and I plan on taking on bread in the near future (whole wheat) and sharing with friends and family yet again. The biggest thing I’ve learned from this baking is that I am doing it for myself for something to do, sure, but it is a skill I would like to get better at. I want to keep baking into retirement, so cheers to that.

Xx Jess


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