Candle Light

I thought it would be lame to write a post about candles a long time ago because…I mean, candles are kind of boring to some people. But we are appraoaching (it is September, after all) my favourite time of the year: the four months leading up to Christmas, and in those four months I burn candles and I like it.

In my new room initiative (see tomorrow’s post) I will have space for such candles without the fear of burning anything, and yesterday I took advantage of one of the many boasted sales at Bath and Body Works. What does that mean? It means I have three very small tubs of different scents and one very large delicious scent. Let us begin.

The biggest and brightest candle I purchased is dubbed Salted Caramel Corn. Caraml Corn is my favourite Halloween candy (fun fact) and caramel is one of my favourite scents. This candle is going to be accompanying me on many creative evenings I can tell, it already has marked its terriroty as it is not even burning and my desk smells like October. This will be a mid-to-end of the season candle as it is a heavier scent, but I bought the bigger model as I know that it will be getting a lot of use.

The first of the three small tubbed scents is called Apple Orchard. It smells like fresh apples, which is light and fresh and perfect for right around this time of the season: end of summer, lturning leaves time. It doesn’t bring the heaviness that comes with mid season candles that are more for Hallloween, the misty evenings that are just turning frosty and the warm-beverage-filled afternoons on cracked leaves, but it provides a lingering sense of summer freshness while at the same time preparing you for apple pie at Thanksgiving. Win.

The second is called Autumn. This was a last-second purchase as it fit into the three-for-twelve sale and I had to pick one last minute. It still has a fresh-linen, cinnamon-y smell but is a bit heavier for the season. I think this candle will just be something to burn while writing, I find that creatively I tend to be drawn to stronger smells in order to get motivated. “Oh, this candle is burned next to my computer, maybe I should write a scene.”

The final small tub of candle is called Harvest Gathering and is by far the heaviest, strongest, and most satisfying of the candles I have. How can a candle be satisfying, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you, the thing about a satisfying smell is that it carries the essential seasonal tones. It smells like Fall. It smells like Thanksgiving, like the weeks before Christmas, like anticipation and warmth. I can’t explain how comforting it is to walk into a room and just smell warmth. If you get what I mean then you should get this candle.

If this was informative to even one person then I am happy I wrote it. It’s a good way for me to get organized but also share in a sort of “haul” way how excited I am for the new season. I love autumn for a ton of different reasons. It is socially acceptable to wear leggings and sweaters outdoors again, candles become essential, knitting is sort of a given and nobody questions me when I order coffee anywhere, anytime. Happy Autumn, all!

Xx Jess


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