My Twenty-Something Life in an Evening

I wrote a blog last year during my 365 project about how I strive on a daily basis to feel the age that I am. When I was a teenager I wanted me room to reflect it, to have cds and magazines stren everyone, to have posters, to have a group of friends who snuck coolers from their parents and went to horror movies and spent hours at the mall. In hindsight, I had that, albeit a little skewed by a degenerative eye disease, but I was a normal teen. Through university I came to accept that my university life was a bit different than the “normal” because I tried not to binge drink and house party as much as my peers seemed to do. But my life reflected my age quite literally: travelling, finding myself, yoga mats, kraft dinner, grilled cheese at midnight with roommates, staying up all night with a best friend talking with wine, its all there. I tried to evade the cliché but at the same time craved it. My life came out in a sort of balance.

So now, in my mid-twenties out of university and still trying to “find my place” in the world I found myself really seeing the cliché and the untraditional last night. Here is what happened.

After dinner I snuggled into pyjamas which were thin, ripped, old leggings; my boyfriend’s tshirt and a big oversized sweater. I made some tea and turned on BBC Radio 2 to listen to the evening/midnight tunes. My room is very clean, and I lit some candles and turned off the overhead light and only had one light on in the corner. I spent a good while doing research for my theatre project and my blog but also some networking and emails. Things I would usually do in the middle of the day but it seemed…right to get to. After which I got more tea, read some blogs and spent the rest of the evening laughing, enjoying Sex and the City, and finding different things to add to lists and shopping and other things that are usual to a twenty something these days. Online shopping, twitter, Vogue, giving best friends advice, laughing at old photos but planning a vacation. It all just came together in a cosy, beautiful environment.

And what you may have guessed from my blog name: I am ALL about the cosy-ness.

So last night was perfect for me. I felt comfortable, and right. Autumn and the next four months are my favourite times of the year through the holidays and the weather, the music, the knitting, and to me this is what it means to feel twenty-something. Given I am only in my early side of the spectrum, but I am so into the idea of my twenties and needing to be free, fun, and cosy.

Xx Jess


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