Writer’s Block Poetry

Are you interested in my poetry? I am not really interested in it either, but this evening I found myself stop-starting writing through a new idea and had a short break to place down some serious thoughts on what it feels like to finally get a good idea and yet having no way to use it. Here is that poem:

My brain is a hamper of thinly sliced potatoes
Awaiting patiently for their turn
To be dipped, prodded, shuffled, stacked
And fried
In hot grease.
Every passing thought of an idea fighting for a chance encounter
With some ketchup,
As each is granted an audience with
Ample amounts of salt,
Only some will be drowned in vinegar,
Only a chosen few will burn as if fired,
And only a hero will land lost on the floor
Out of the hamper
And brilliantly obvious on the linoleum,
Demanding to be noticed, attention,
And is given time to grow,
Until I find it purposefully sitting alone
So I can pick it up
And throw it out.

If anyone else is struggling with a new idea or even just getting focused, I feel you. If I am working on a specific project or goal then bam things come and go but when it is something so new and I am doing solo it feels like a sputtering start. I am dedicated to it just as much but it is just that much harder to get things out of my head. This is why I am SO interested in alternative venues for creation. I hope to pursue this idea in the future and am grateful for the various professors during my undergrad (Alan Filewod, Judith Thompson, Mark Fortier and Sky Gilbert) for introducing me to, pushing me towards, and challenging me to think outside of the cliche and traditional box.

Hope you’re well and having a lovely evening/day/season.

xx Jess


One thought on “Writer’s Block Poetry

  1. what an amazing piece (: Really enjoyed it thoroughly. And I do empathize – as a budding young writer, I always seem to have problems coming up with original and creative ideas. Do continue writing – your works always have that unique twist in it. (oh and if you don’t mind – check out my latest post and leave a comment too?) thank you so much! and happy writing (:


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