Mysterious Size Chart

I have recently indulged my internal fashionista in a wave of online shopping in the past year and it has truly been a wonderful experience. I do love the worldwide reach, and I love that I can sift through pages and pages of beautiful seasonal prints, shoes, bags, and all of them relatively affordable and different than anything I could find in the stores nearby. I love it, I do, but I have a small qualm.

I have an average sized, short, strong body, and I love it, and appreciate it and am grateful for everything it gets me through. I treat it well with daily activity, yoga, and eating relatively well with sprinkled tasty treats and glasses of wine. I try to dress it comfortably but also nicely, a smart yet colourful palette, and I wish it the best while I am sleeping so it can grow and rest. But it exists, and it is not as small as the models I see in Vogue, and it is not as toned as I would like it to be sometimes, but its all I got.

And sometimes I buy clothes online and they come in my size and they are not fitting the way that I had hoped. In my case right now it is a tartan printed pair of coveralls that were inexpensive and from the UK, and they are so quaint and lovely that I just couldn’t resist. They came in last week and I tried them on and they just weren’t what I had expected. I tried them again a few minutes ago and realised that it is my thighs and butt that aren’t getting into them. I feel no shame in admitting that, I love my legs and bum so I don’t care if I have to buy larger sizes to fit them in, I’d rather they be covered than hanging out, but this was discouraging.

I think I am going to keep them and not return because I am not sure about the online store’s policy and they fit enough that if I just wear them as shorts then they won’t look strange. But I just wish that clothes were made for me and not clothes that I had to look in the “curvy” section for. I know that it is an unrealistic dream to think that bras, pants, dresses and shoes,a ll things that are extremely unique to each person and enough so that there should be different dimensions than “S-M-L,” or the “by-twos” sizing systems.

I argue for those of us who are too big to fit into the D-dimensions in the local bra store and the friends I have that struggle to fit their legs into the jean sizes that do not accommodate for tall and thin-hipped women. We are women, we are humans, we are not dictated by sizes told to us by the corporate clothing companies. HEAR US ROAR. And for the love of pete give us some clothing that can let us do us and just be already.

Xx Jess


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