Peru and Pictures

Since my trip to Peru in April most of my family have seen the entire canon of photographs that I took on my small, nearly eight-year-old camera that takes double-A batteries to stay charged. This is not really intentional, but only a result of the fat that I take pictures for myself because I like to remember moments, and don’t necessarily take any to show others unless it is something of importance. This has propelled most of my pictures to be private, and not exposed on Facebook for the world to judge, “Like,” and…comment on.

I thought I would share my favourite picture of myself from a sunset on one of our first evenings in the desert. We spent the day in sesna planes, graveyards, sipping cokes by the pool and eating extremely new and strange foods that were literally cooked in clay in the ground. It is what they would call a “selfie,” and the flowers in the background were incredible.


Why share it now? Well, I thought that there is something to be said about what your own self would like to show the world. I don’t spend hours fawning over selfies or profile pictures, instagram or anything of the type. I will take a few selfies and then post them as profile pictures, but I think that the phase of perfect photos has passed for me. This is the picture that I remember from the first phase of our journey and it is what I want to remember it by. I want you all to know that I only took two shots of this selfie, but about four or five of the sunset infront of those flowers.

As my eyes deteriorate beyond my control I have grown more accustomed to see things. Anything, really, see anything, and see what I never thought that I would see. That evening I could not see the horse grazing on grass infront of the sun or the dog that kept running around the field. I could hardly see the flowers before taking this photo, but I remember the way the wind felt, and the way that it sounded, and the hunger growing and the anxiety of having to take a night bus on a massive mountain with a snoring lady I hardly knew and not my best friend beside me. It was an experience of a lifetime, and these pictures are for me to remember.

Xx Jess

PS. After writing this post a few days ago I decided to add in a few more funny Peru selfies because I feel like it!
Peru Sesna Plane




Llama Peru Selfie



Machu Picchu Solo Trip Peru


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