Outlander: The Transitional Read for a Twenty-Something Romantic

I read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon last April while on vacation down south with my family, which means I read it by the beach in cosy straw hats sipping margaritas, yes, but also out on the balcony at dusk when my family was getting ready for dinner and I would look out on the ocean and think of my travels to Scotland. This book was a great addition to my twenty-something education of love, whimsy, and relationships.
Set in the Scottish Highlands it rang true as I had been in the Highlands not six months before starting the book, and so the mountains were so familiar to me at the time. It followed a lovely British woman Claire right after the second World War after being a nurse, and having time travelled to the height of the Scottish rebellion, away from her husband and into the arms of a team of Scotsmen. This first book of the series (admittedly the only one I could make it through) was beautiful, and fed my need for romance, sex, and historical fiction surrounding the incredible Highlands.
Last evening I watched the pilot for the TV series which has been said to go chapter-by-chapter for each episode through the novel. I was skeptical, because I do love the book so much, bu from the credits (which reminded me of the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice art director) I knew it was a show for me. The narration, the music, and the small gestures of each character reminds me of the beautiful etail from the novel. I would recommend reading the book first, but it was a delivery worth watching in that pilot and is definitely bringing me back to watch the second episode and beyond. Maybe, if the show goes well, I will be motivated to get through the rest of the series.
If you’re looking for a heroine-driven romance that incorporates flawless (okay, well, for the sake of narrative, nearly-flawless) historical facts and moments, then I suggest picking up Outlander or watching the show. It is not for everybody, but I fell for it immediately.

It also didn’t hurt that the main love interest, the Scotsman Jamie, is GORGEOUS. Better than expected. Did not disappoint. Yum.

Xx Jess


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