Zoella Beauty ordered and on its way!

Today is the first day that you can order Beauty products from the beautiful, and wonderful Zoella from youtube. I’ve been waiting for these products for a long time as I trust Zoe’s judgments and we have similar style. I have been on her blog all day decided on which products I am going to order and am honestly so excited. I’ve given myself a twenty (Canadian) dllar budget for now as otherwise I would just place a full order for the entire haul!

My order list so far contains the Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion, Her Bath Cream and I have been on email alert for her Let’s Glow Fragrance candle since it SOLD OUT already–as these are what speak to me the most from just glancing at the list (and regarding my budget).

I had expected a variety of body-remedies from Zoella as she has boasted many-a-time that she is not a know-it-all beauty gal, and she would not want to release anything that wasn’t clearly HER, which these products are without a doubt ZOELLA BEAUTY. She has a unique perspective on home décor and style, which combines vintage with bold couture prints, which you may be confused as to how that could be displayed through a candle or bath balms. It is through her promise of being truly herself, and only allowing products that represent her style be released under her name, and I trust her I do.

The rest of the products are things like a guinea pig makeup bag, body mists and shower creams, which are just things that I am not interested in ordering at this time. Hopefully they are delivered promptly as the last time I used feelunique.com for a similar Youtuber’s Beauty products (Tanya Burr Cosmetics, if you’re interested) my original got lost after a month and a half of waiting, but they replaced it without question.

How lucky am I to live in a world where someone in England who is a Youube celebrity with six MILLION subscribers can have the opportunity to be creative (she also has a book coming out in November called Girl Online which I have already preordered…) and I am still able to be involved in that creativity by purchasing her products and supporting her. She does what she believes, she does what she wants, man, Zoella, you inspire me to create every single day.

This is Zoella’s blog where she has beautiful pictures and a list of her products that are released today. If you’re up for a new beauty adventure I suggest taking a peak. She also has a Youtube chan:nel, which is simple.
Blog: http://www.zoella.co.uk/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Xx Jess


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