The Vogue Fit

Let me tell you a story about a young girl obsessed with Vogue magazine. You may know this if you’ve read many of my other fashion posts, but this story is defined by the fact that it took place in a bustling Paris train station WH Smith equivalent looking through the shelves, minutes from train departure time, and finding a French Vogue with a special T-shirt deal in it.

Naturally I did not hestate to purchase the said magazine as it was a dream of mine to collect a Vogue from every country I visited (which was nearly completed) and so I placed down some euros without a second thought and then rushed to my train to Frankfurt. On the train I had a few hours to myself as my travelling companion and I spent train rides relatively in our own heads (thankfully so, as two weeks straight with each other gets exhausting, still love you to bits, AJ!!) and so I fiddled with my audiobook and then watched the passing greenery of France and later Germany out of the window.

I opened my French Vogue after a while, shoving the tshirt into my bag assuming that it wouldn’t fit me as the stereotypical French beauty aesthetic and size was not going to get me down today, I was determined to enjoy this magazine and not let an inevitably too small t-shirt get me down. When we arrived in Frankfurt however, I ended up trying on my t-shirt in the (so so so gross) hostel bathroom and finding myself happily surprised.

The t-shirt fit.

Was I just smaller than I thought? Or, could it be, that women EVERYWHERE are of variable sizes? No, it couldn’t be, I must’ve picked up a magazine package that had a M-L (in French, of course) marking on it. But no, this was just the size that the magazine came with. Tears in my eyes as I realised that women worldwide were shaped bigger than I had expected. What a great attitude to enter into Germany, where women not only looked like me but ate sausages and drank dark beer and loved living life because they are beautiful and that’s what we all should think everyday anyway.

It is hard to be a woman with the media telling you your body is imperfect, but guess what? Every body is beautiful, and that’s all we’ve got to accept.

As I sit not drinking tea in my French Vogue tshirt that I found fit me two years ago I am reflecting on the beauty of life. How simple things can make such an impact on you, and how not being embarrassed by your own self makes the biggest difference of all.

Xx Jess


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