Style Inspiration Board Project


On my Monday I spent the afternoon working, starting, organizing and making lists for my autumn projects. You may be aware that I have an ongoing subscription to Vogue magazine (I better since I talk about it nonstop) and have since I was in my early teens. Then it was Teen Vogue, and to this day I still keep my favourite clippings from those magazines of the style that I wish I had.

Opening that file folder now I sift through and realize it was the style I had always had, combining and clashing different things together, and I realised that after probably five years (more, without the subscription but buying random mags) of having these piles of magazines in my room I had never gone through and ripped out anything more than ballgowns and Cartier watches (I have a problem). So I took an hour of that afternoon and went through the Fall Vogues (I had two from both US and UK Vogues) and ripped and tore through them looking for style inspirations for the season.

I think I am going to be doing this regularly for my seasonal picks. I really enjoyed it.

I then took the time to pick the ones that would fit beautifully on a cork board and placed them altogether. These are a mixture of my old fashion clippings from Teen Vogues to the ones from today, and I look over them smiling because they are just so…me. You’ll see, I have a picture of that board on my shelf beside the “office” section of my room right now. It has candles, a teapot, a card from a wonderful mentor of mine, and my must-have-in-my room-and-out-of-storage cds.


I would walk through the fashion with you but to be honest that isn’t what is important for this post, what I wanted to say is that things that motivate you are important. SStaying true to yourself, knowing yourself, and finding yourself are actually important. I think what it means to be you is always going to be changing, and some things (like a classic trenchcoat) will always stay in style, but being wholly YOU is never a passing trend.








Xx Jess


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