Sweater Weather Sinking In

Like a good moisturizer this cold weather is starting to comfortably settle in around us.  I’ve been prompted to pull a few jackets from my closet to the forefront and am currently looking for the perfect fit for my basket of cooler weather scarves.  Autumn has arrived and is in full swing, and as Thanksgiving approaches this weekend (here in Canada) I am revelling in the opportunity to throw on a good jacket or sweater, a candle, make a tea and read in the crisp air.


I had a craving for some historical fiction a few weeks ago but in the strange coincidence that audible.com (as I exclusively read from audiobooks) does not have the Philippa Gregory books I would have liked to start I have opted for something a little modern, a little love-inducing, and a little cheeky.  I’ll write about it more when I get further into it, but I do quite enjoy it.


The last book I read was called Marie Antoinette: Serial Killer and read as a YA novel about young girls in Paris experiencing murderous ghosts.  It was chilling and fun, if that is possible, and although the ending was extremely disappointing I enjoyed it.  I read this novel by cleaning my room around it.  I ended up doing a large intensive sweep of my entire room including closet and under the bed, and this is the way I like late-summer reads.


But as for reading in the fall I would rather change it up.  During the summer I frequently read on the bus while commuting or travelling, this summer did not find as many commutes and so I will continue this trend as I continue to access the silly public transportation system and work my way around the city on a daily basis.  For this I will be reading a different book than while at home.  I do this because I start one on my ipod and one on my laptop, this way I get invested in two different stories and have something for everywhere.


Am I the only one who reads two things at once? The curse of an English major I guess.


I am going to start with a novel called Rivers of London on my ipod next.  I’ve heard it is close to a magical Harry Potter if he was a spy.  I’d like to get through this quite quickly if not by the end of this week.  I do have a lot of bus rides available to me so this won’t be a problem.  I love reading on the bus because people have no idea how lost in another world I am.


As for my desktop I will keep the novel a secret (it isn’t as exciting as you might guess I just haven’t started it yet and don’t want to make assumptions beforehand) but I thought I’d share how I plan to read this without headphones.  Reading with my ears has been an adjustment for sure, but it comes easier and naturally with books that I actually want to read.  So I plan to read while I am cooking.


This may sound strange to some people, because there will be so much to focus on, but I am excited to try it.  I usually plan to cook while no one else is home during the day so I will not be bothering anyone, and this week’s project requires a bit of down-time, and so this book also may be finished by the end of the week.  How neat would it be to read two books in one week at the same time (wouldn’t be my first time, again, the pains of being an English major) but this would be the first time for two books that I actually, again, want to read.  I am being EXTREMELY optimistic here, this has a very good chance of failing.  But goals are what keep us going, aren’t they?


I would also like to read for a half hour before actually sleeping a night.  This is going to be the first day that I do this but I am going to try it for the rest of October.  I want to get away from using my laptop moments before bedtime as I have been having trouble sleeping, and I thought that I could choose either my ipod novel or the one on my laptop and have a half hour of down time with it.  This is something that I am sticking to for the month of October, no chance of variation, it IS happening!  Optimism!  Yeah!


I hope you all are having a good read this early autumn as well.  Reading is one of those escapes that is so honest and hearty that I want to share it with everyone I know.  I have been planning on a cool Christmas present for my brother of my favourite books from when I was his age in the hopes that if I couldn’t convince him to read Harry Potter I can maybe convince him to read a mystery series about young adults climbing Everest.  Adventure stories are so subjective I guess.




Xx Jess


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