A Parisian Moment

The first time that I heard Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know I knew I was supposed to be thinking of a loved one, an ex boyfriend, or something romantic as I believe that’s what the song is about (or maybe I’m off here but my interpretation…) but I went a completely different way.


I thought of Paris.  More specifically, my first full day in Europe.  Even more specifically, a feeling of being somewhere so extremely new that it hurt.


Opening my eyes to a new place completely, our first full day in Paris was so hot and sticky and yet we walked everywhere and drank wine out in the heat and drank from a water fountain and smiled.  God I remember smiling so much.  I remember the feeling when we first came upon the River Seine, and tears dropping down my face.  Whenever I hear Somewhere Only We Know I think of my first day in Europe and how incredible that was, and how I will never be getting that feeling back again.


Is that strange?  I don’t want to talk too much about it because, honestly, its private.  Not to AJ and I, I mean we talk about it all the time, but the moment of realizing where I was and how amazing walking down the Latin Quarter’s small streets filled with strange looking cars of strange colours, watching Parisians smoke beside wrought-iron fences and then coming up on the Notre Dame and the people and smiling, all of that is so stuck in my brain I couldn’t find a good enough picture to describe it, but this will have to do.




A piece of my curiosity, wonderment, excitement and happiness is left in Paris still today because there is no way to top those feelings of whole freedom.  I am so grateful to have been given that trip, to be able to say that I did the travelling without my parents, and to say that I saw it all (out of focus) and still knew how amazing it all was.


Bizou bizou (xx) Jess


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