Autumn Style Series: Embracing the Internal Badass

– #1

Style is candid. Style is an amalgamation of internal and external influences and expressing them through your physical body and personality. That’s the definition of style to me. I consider my style to be changing constantly. I can never understand someone who says “Yes my style is PUNK.” Cool, I was punk I guess abot ten years ago and sometimes I guess my makeup spills a little into that genre but I would never say “Yes I am glam-inspired classic fifties,” because sometimes style is inspired by so many different things, so many different expressions shoved together.

Watch this video. This is a monologue of absolute brilliance by okay a model, but she deserves the hype. Everything to do with this monologue makes me smile outrageously because she has embraced her own badass. I think that is a style that I would be comfortable admitting to.


How does one exude the “Badass” style? To me its standing at a bus stop in early autumn weather wearing a full-floral skater dress in leather boots and a bright scarf and leather jacket in a sea of jeans, dark coats, and monotone. Its being the ‘man with glitter on his eyelids’ in the early seventies because he saw Bowie’s Starman video on the BBC and Bowie badassed his way into people’s lives. Its being shy to wear the bright red lipstick or wear that circle scarf without a jacket, and doing it anyway. Style is about doing it anyway, about being yourself, about being vulnerable because everyone feels vulnerable. Everyone feels vulnerable, everyone is worried abot how they look, confidence comes and goes, but being a badass sticks with you I tell ya.

There is something so strange about style that I can’t quite put my finger on. People see things in magazines and want to be that, want to buy that want to wear that to look like that, its advertisement, and its great, its about confidence again and thinking that we could look like that and be awesome.. But in the above video especially, “I’m good this way too,” comes to mind, her final beautiful, breathtaking wisdom, is that you can put on different clothes and the most expensive things and live in extravagant houses but… If there isn’t a solid person living in that house wearing those clothes in that makeup owning all of those things then is it worth it?

Let the outside be a reflection of the inside, is all, wear the badass makeup because you want to, because you talk a lot, because you identify with a kickass lady who also wears lipstick who cares but believe in what you wear, what you have.

I guess that’s what I appreciate about confidence, about havng a style or identifying as a style, well, believe it. If you are going to say you are so punk then believe it. If you want to spend sixty bucks on beautiful badass Zara boots (post…coming…tomorrow…) then BELIEVE IT. Rock it. Do your thang do what you want.

Okay, this has turned into some kind of rah-rah believing in yourself thing, but that is ultimately what being a vulnerable participant in style is, is believing in what you are buying into. Be informed, but just be you.

Hope any of that made sense, and watch the video, that is the kind of performance I aspire to.

Xx Jess


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