A Weekend of Comfort

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I’ve spent the weekend in Sauble Beach at our family trailer where we have spent many a-summers beaching, shopping, tanning, having campfires and spending time together. Thanksgiving weekend marks the end of the season for our family and my weekend began with a walk around my favourite smelling place in the world. The leaves are changing, it is so quiet and peaceful. This is where I began writing (albeit about Egypt and the Bermuda Triangle, but we all start somewhere) and many memories come from that campfire, the streets where I used to ride my bike, and so much more.

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Most of my days were spent shopping on the main street and having a meal out with my family.  Our favourite food place Lobby’s (now referred to as Sola’s although it will forever be Lobby’s to us!) was closed for the season as it had been extremely cooler this summer than usual and it is a patio-only place, we were happy to go to the Sauble Dunes instead and my dad and I enjoyed some chili–which is growing to be our favourite thing to eat around this time of year!  We ventured around the shops which are usually half price to even better sales around this time, and I may have bought a few cheeky half priced Christmas decorations.  They were on sale I couldn’t resist!

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I spent a good amount of my time this past weekend knitting and ended up finishing an entire scarf as well as finishing an entire audiobook!  What a relaxing thing to do all day, knit, watch Game of Thrones with your family, and read.  It was relaxing to say the least.

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We ended up heading down to the sunset RIGHT after dinner like we usually do but it was so cold that for the actual setting of the sun we had to sit inside of our car, but this is by far one of my favourite parts of going to the beach. I just love watching the sun go down, and this will be the last time I see it go down on Lake Huron until next season!

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Our last orning we made french toast with the bread that I made earlier this week and it was AMAZING!  Perfect density for french toast, very thick and with a cheeky mimosa it all made for a cosy morning!  My dad and I usually spend our Sauble mornings drinking coffee with Baileys on the front porch but this weekend was much too chilly.  I did bundle up and do some Vogue reading and coffee drinking on the porch though!

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It really is one of my most favourite places on earth and definitely my favourite place to be during the autumn pre-Thanksgiving season.  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend as well, I know I did with my family!

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xx Jess


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