Bridal Crop Tops: The Final Frontier?

I’ve seen a lot of things in my time.  I wrote an entire post about exposing our mid drifts for the sake of looking in-style, and to those select women whatever floats your boat.  I have a few crop tops that I exclusively wear with high-waisted things because let’s be real not everyone needs to see my tummy in all of its..uh, glory.  But I was perousing twitter this morning to come across a very depressing topic.


Bridal Crop Tops.


If you must buy couture wedding dresses (lucky you) then you may know that it is a huge market with tons of websites, magazines, designers, consumers, photographers and so many aspects of the industry that remains a bit puzzling.  Over all wedding couture is stunning and overpriced and elegant but extravagent.  You come to expect that from the high fashion industry when you can only afford (almost, kind of, mostly) things from the Gap.  So when I came across the phenomenon known as CROP TOP WEDDING DRESSES I thought to myself, “deary, I think we’ve gone too far.”


I think what did it for me is the obvious fact that having a wedding dress in any capacity is just to exclaim how amazing you are, how far you’ve come in your life, your wealth, especially if this wedding is attended by more than just you and your beloved, and even then it says “I’m the centre of attention,” which sure I mean its your day do what you want, but then comes in fitted dresses, low-cut dresses, which are more acceptable since those types of clothing are well known in mainstream fashion, you see that in movies and on television.  But having something so uh, sacred, like a wedding dress, be cut in half for the sake of showing off an (in my opinion) unnecessary body part just seems to be taking this whole mania a step further than Bridezilla, but into Extravagent Attention-Seeker.


Last night I spent a few hours with the bestest of friends around a few cups of tea and the topic of marriage.  How can we dictate the rules of marriage on anyone?  The concept of marriage changes from culture, country, religion, lifestyle, and yet if someone for example moves back in with their parents with their new husband in North America we scoff.  If I see a photo of a stick-thin model wearing a beautiful couture gown with a crop top I scoff LOUDER.  Who are we to even have an opinion?  Even if you don’t believe in marriage you attend weddings, give gifts, and support.  So who am I to say this phenomenon is kind of silly?


Despite the fact that it TOTALLY IS and I disagree with it WHOLLY.


I guess what it comes down to is that when and if I ever traditionall get married in the socially constructed sense I will not be sporting anyhting extremely show-y, but a white dress a gown a beautiful pristine fabricce thing is in my future, despite my feelings towards the attention-seeking nature, its ingrained in me now.


xx Jess


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