Let’s Talk Floral

Is it just a spring passing fashion trend?  Or are flowers the essence of romance?  My girlfriends seem to think that flowers represent a thoughtful expression of intimacy or at least I think that way.  The first flower I ever received from a boy was in seventh grade during an assembly.  He stole a rose from a neighbouring house’s garden, and I still have it.  Since then I keep one flower from each bouqet that I receive, including prom corsages and congratulation flowers.  I’m sentimental (and a hoarder) like that.


While in residence and apartments before my vase-life I would cut my bunches of flowers short and stick them into the multitude of mugs that I own around my room.  Now that I have a vase they usually sit in the kitchen until the work week where they move to my desk.  For the record I cannot wait until I can have a kitchen table of my own to put my own flowers on.


I’m not sure what my favourites are.  I love daisies and sunflowers, but basically anything colourful I love them all.  I wish I could have fresh flowers in my house every week, but that’s expensive and unrealistic.


If you’re looking for something simple as a gift or a thank you,I know that a little flowers go a long way.


Xx Jess


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