Oscar De La Renta Dreaming…

Now that I’ve gotten my wedding woes out of my system, I thought I would woe about another, different wedding inspiration.  Oscar de la Renta passed away yesterday.  Why does this matter t me?  Well, his gowns were my high fashion life.  I have quite literally fifty ripped pages of Vogue of his gowns, tumblr posts, bookmarked, saved to desktops and I have spent months deciding on a perfect wedding gown “if only it was white!”  from his collections.

Yes, I’ve pictured myself in a flowing Oscar de la Renta gown with gloves on my wedding day.

I’m nowhere near getting married, but every girl pictures a princess-esque day, let it be at a court house, in a red pant suit, with a man or a woman, we all do it, and we picture the people around us but also the dress we are in.  I’ve always known my whole life that I would never be able to afford it, but just knowing that I, again, quite literally have a file folder FULL of Oscar de la Renta gowns for inspiration to bring with me while searching means that the loss of my favourite designer is a huge deal to me.


Not enough to shed tears, but enough to pull out the file folder and sift through the beautiful pages.  I don’t feel like sharing much of them right now but I will add a few that I think are good representations of why I actually love the designer.

They are obviously not my favourites, but they are the bodice shapes, skirt size and flowy-ness and colours that I do enjoy.  I do prefer to have the pictures in my hands though, there isn’t anything better than running your fingers over a de la Renta gown, trust me.


RIP Oscar de la Renta, my inspiration to keep loving fashion and continue to enjoy it.  We lost a bit of style when we lost you.

Xx Jess


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