The Two Year Long Hunt

While spending a semester in London, England we saw many theatre performances for our classes and my favourite of which was at the National Theatre and called The Last of the Haussmans and after our course was finished the theare professor gave me a copy of the play to take home because I liked it so much.  To be fair she did this with all of the plays we had seen as they came with the playbill and lots of students in our classes used these copies shared amongst ourselves for projects.  I brought home five playbilled scripts joyously proud of the performances I had seen.


Come December of 2012 when I returned home from my semester abroad I unpacked and found that the copy of my beloved Haussmans was nowhere to be found.  I was distraught, and after turning my belongings from the trip upside down I had to return to my university and leave everything at my parents’ house.  I asked my family to search my room for me, and since then I have done complete overhauls of my room thinking it may turn up in a corner or a travel bag that I hadn’t used since the trip.


Eventually I accepted the fact that I had either lost it and not brought it home from England at all or had somehow lost it at home, I am not the kind of person who just loses books though so it was hard for me.  This was the best play I saw in England I was so upset that I couldn’t share that with my theatre professors, peers and even just my family at home.


I have spent two years telling people about this play and looking at my small pile of plays I still have from that semester thinking, hopin’, and wishin’ that it was there to add to my theatre conquests, but no, it was lost.


Today I got out of my pyjamas at four thirty as our work for our theatre project did not require leaving the house and while dressing my mom came in absent mindedly asking if the book in her hand was mine as she had found it in our shared large-sized suitcase.  I snatched it from her and burst into tears.  There, in the large suitcase which hasn’t been used since I went for four months in England, was the book I had searched high and low for.  It is stored outside of my house so this would be why I never would’ve been able to look there.  Ive never been so happy to hold a book in my life.  I hugged her and told her how happy I was and how much this meant to me.  This is definitely a good day.


I keep all of my books, I keep all of the plays that I have read through university, I keep them for a day when I have my own bookshelves upon bookshelves and I can display them, and find them and share them, because I love my books intensely.  I am so over-the-moon about finding my copy of The Last of the Haussmans and if you are at all interested please ask me about it as I would love to chatter on and on about London, travel, and that damn book being back in my life.


xx Jess


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