Make Up Talk

Body Shop has a multitude of amazing things that I’ve never found because I’ve been blinded by the overpriced but wonderfully scented body creams. I’ve spent a good amount of time with many a-people trying out different smells, including my brother who has no idea why we bother putting so much effort into cream. Then a good girlfriend mentioned that their lipstick was out-of-this-world good, and although I never tried it (and still have yet to try it what kind of advice-taking friend am I?) I picked up two of their lip-chap blushers which are swipe on instead of brush-applicable, which is weird if you have never tried it but for a low-maintenance makeup enthusiast they are PERFECT.

After many years of being aware of the products it took me until my skin on my face become extremely sensitive to cleansers for me to go in and try out their organic products. I currently have a face moisturizer and a camomile eye makeup remover. These two products working together are a soft and non-invasive alternative to my silly skin, and I am pretty satisfied with them as I’ve used them for the past few months and haven’t had many issues.

The problem is the price. I fin that the people who care about organic products are the young and unemployed, who wants to pay nearly twenty five dollars for a makeup remover? Well, probably the young ladies who spend upwards of one hundred dollars a purchase at Sephor or MAC or any of the other “high end” make up providers, not to mention the forty-dollar bronzer from Chanel or Marc Jacobs (I drool at the thought of rationalising a purchase of any of these expensive products, I just have sephora-brand bronzer…) and still we search for these products that help our skin feel new again. Is make up worth it?

I do not wear make up every day, which is a testament to my low-maintenance nature but also to the fact that I like my face feeling fresh and feeling the air instead of worrying if my powder is flying off. So these naturally-made products appeal to me in the sense that I enjoy the idea that I am not wearing something terrible for my skin. I just am not sure on the quality and therefore cannot make a decision on purchasing maybe a hundred-dollar amount just like in Sephora, where everyone has used the products and they come highly reviewed.

I research every product before buying it, and so I think I am going to go back to the Body Shop (next month, when the money comes in) and slowly work through their organic line and report back with my findings. If they are worth it then I think it would be an easy an exciting way to help our bodies become accustomed to our obsession with beauty and the fundamentals of makeup. Most of their makeup can look like a MAC lipstick or eyeshadow, but if the quality isn’t there then I won’t be spending the money again.

It all comes down to what you can settle on. I love the idea of having fancy makeup but I can’t justify it because I do not wear it enough. Especially for something like mascara which you have to replace every few months. Eyeshadow palettes or bronzer on the other hand are forever for me. Then comes the cleanser and moisturizer: not everyone uses it, but for me it has been life changing. If I miss ONE ay of my skincare routine I break out (bad decisions are reflected on my skin from Saturday to today) and that has completely worked for me. Maybe I’ll do a skincare routine later this week, fi that would be of use to some people, because I honestly swear by it for the health of my skin, and iis why I spend good money on various moisturizers alone just to try out and take care of my face.

I’m not afraid of wrinkles, but I won’t welcome them in willy nilly either.

Xx Jess


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