Halloween Fun!

Oh the Samhain is upon us it seems, Halloween is here!  I’ve spent the week working on various parts of the holiday, but the big project was three large pumpkins and my brother and I have never carved them on our own before, so we went to town with them.  In my defense I am BLIND and I was doing the majority of the carving, although my brother did do one entire pumpkin on his own (which is amazing and much better than mine) and I am very happy to have had this week to spend carving, eating, watching the Office and snuggling with my 13-yr-old bud who’s been absent from the hanging out recently due to a new obsession with MineCraft.

Enjoy these photos, taken on my ipad, of our adventures, and I hope everyone has a safe evening!  I plan on making tacos with my bro and Martin and handing out candy while munching on snacks and watching Halloween Simpsons episodes (and hopefully a cheeky Charlie Brown Pumpkin too!).  Sending all my best to you and yours this spooky evening.



IMG_0210 IMG_0207


 IMG_0220 IMG_0215 IMG_0216


xx Jess


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