Autumn Style Series: “The Beanie”

– # 4

I’ve always wanted to be a hat person.  In the summer I try (keyword is TRY) to wear the large sun hats or the neatly shaped almost-fedoras.  In the winter I throw on tuques like a true Canadian regardless of how they look for sheer warmth, but I’ve always, always, wanted to be the kind of girl who could throw on a ball cap or a beanie and it actually look good.  To this day it takes a long time for me to get used to wearing any hat regularly, but I have recently made a step forward.

I bought a loose-knit beanie hat for the fall.

It was six dollars from H&M, and it has only been worn occasionally as I feel like I really can’t pull it off, but its perfect for a bad hair day or a day spent out in the fall air (which at the moment is quite chilly here in Canada) and so I wear it nonetheless, praying that I don’t look like a hat-wearing pumpkin (although seasonal it is not quite the desired look while browsing the book selection at a local shop or while at the liquor store with your mum).

Here is the hat:


I usually don’t have any limitations for wearing clothingso there is nothing I can’t wear this hat with besides a work interview or photo-opportunistic party or gathering (as my hair tends to get kinked after a short wear, as well as frizzy) but for a coffee date, trip to the grocery store, or even a cute date as I found out last night all go very well with the loose-knit beanie, and to my delight I don’t look like a total potato.

Xx Jess


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