Designer Glasses Dreaming

If you are unaware by now I am a lover of Fashion.  Vogue is my bible, to be clear, I cannot afford anything high fashion but I do follow and obsess over the moving trends and worship them as if they were my own doing.  It is quitejmotivating to see designers come out with the defining factors for a season’s trends and watch them trickle down into my lap or onto my feet/head/body/eyes. Ah yes, the elusive eyewear trend, a recent “millenials” or even since I was in highschool a trend of gorgeous, statement eyewear, because wearing glasses became less “four-eyes” and more “haute, class” right when I decided to go blind. Yikes.

Good for me, right? It means that I actually cannot see properly (or well at all) without a pair of black-rimmed glasses perched on my nose. Hurray for me! I was finally going to be on-trend! Except that the trend was to have clear or nearly-there prescriptions inserted into fashionable eyewear. I had been worshipping fashion magazine for a long time as my grown up picture books byt his time and so when I was able to choose my new glasses with the heaviest prescription any eyewear practioner (is that what they are called?) has ever seen I was super excited to parouse the local glasses shop and find something on-trend, instyle, and for me.

I found a Vogue brand, thick-rimmed pair and went through life happy as a wee pea in a huble soup I tell ya, with my fashionable eyewear, that wasn’t quite in but not quite not, as I couldn’t afford the larger, more expensive designer pairs at the time.

So last year when my prescription changed (got worse, naturally) and I had to go and pick out a new pair I was delighted to find that my price range/budget had expanded due to some extra funding, which was fabulous, I was finally able to look at the designer brands, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, I had a pair of Chanel wide brimmed, “hipster-geek-chic” glasses on and was looking at myself in the small mirror whe a eyewear attendedant (seriously what do I call these people?) came to help me.

She complimented the glasses and took my prescription from me, I had switched to sparkly Dolce and Gabbana glasses that had gold sparkles on the inside of the frames and black on the outer rims. I handed her the frames I was wearing, they were the perfect size, just in style, and just the designer for me. I would’ve loved the Chanels but they were a bit out of my fashion-range being all around sparkly. I may like a little sparkle but that’s just it: a LITTLE sparkle. The attended handed the frames back to me and said it was a no-go.

It turns out that with my heavy prescription I wasn’t able to have the frames I had chosen nor any of the big designers that I wanted at all, the sturdy-ness of the frames couldn’t handle the glass that they needed to put my prescription on, I was told they would break and I would be spending my money for no reason. The glasses helper lady (of course) walked around the store with a little basket and brought me all of the frames that would work with prescription. One pair was Vogue (that are now sitting on my head) and the rest were not the style I wanted at all if anything the lady wasn’t paying attention to my fashion needs at all and just well doing her job but pissing me off in the process.

I cried, big tears streaming down my face, that I was unable to get the designer glassses that I desired because I was too blind. I don’t let my “disability” get the best of me but at this moment I was at a particular low point. I could have afforded the more fashionable glasses and yet this was one case where I couldn’t control my abilities. It sucked, to say the least.

So now I wear a wider rimmed, thick pair of black Vogue brand glasses, not really what I wanted at all, and I will continue to search for my designer glasses, because if there’s one thing that I refuse to get me down it is the fact that I cannot see. You would think that glasses, that are supposed to improve your vision, wold be the easiest thing for me to be comfortable in. While in fact I am the farthest from comfortable in glasses. I honestly would rather wear those Dolce and Gabbana sparkly ones with the black on the front and the sparkles on the inside with clear frames and not see the world in detail and be myself rather than settle for something that makes me uncomfortable.

You could call me a brat for complaining about something so small, atleast I can see the little that I can see at all in any pair of glasses, but when you want something so much its hard to let things get you down. I continue to lust after the designer eyewear to this day, and hope one day Chanel will make me my own sturdy framed, gold-encrusted-sparkled glasses.

xx Jess


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