I’ve decided to take on National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) but writing a 50 000-ish word novel by November 30. So far I have written…hold on let me check… 12 645 words! Being November 7 I am pretty proud of that word count, I have made it a goal to TRY to write 2 000 words a day. As you can see that is not quite what has happened but I have planned a catch-up afternoon for tomorrow. If there’s one thing that keeps me motivated for writing this project it is that it is free writing and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I would prefer my novel to make sense and a handful of other qualifications, but the thing that I remember is that it is all free-writing. I have a few notes about the plot that I want to stick to, and I’ve had to write down character names and ages so later on while referring to them they can be appropriate, but so far it seems as though this process just takes willpower to keep going.

I’ll update you later on in the process but I thought since it has been a full week since the NaNoWriMo project began I know that there are a lot of budding writers working on their own projects this month and that although we are all writing separate pieces, novels, and projects we are all supporting eachother for working on it this month at all!

Best of luck to all Writers this month!

Xx Jess


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