This entire week at around three in the afternoon my head starts to pound. This may be similar to what a lot of people are feeling due to the change in seasons and the colder weather, dryer air blowing its way into our homes and into our lives. I find that my eyebrows in particular throb until I force myself to sleep. I’ve tried to stay away from Tylenol or anything similar just to deal with it on my own with a lot of water but it is becoming a problem.

I’ve never been an afternoon person really, something to do with the fact that it isn’t normal to have a protein-filled snack mid-afternoon because I eat every three hours. So it seems like such a long stretch between lunch and dinner, and there’s nothing good happening, and as I’ve grown up I have liked coffee dates mid afternoon which has changed the vibe a ilttle, but generally the afternoon is a dismal place for me on any given day. Especially weekends for some reason.

So when it comes to these tension, weather-induced headaches I dread the afternoon time. I hope that as my body gets used to the weather and the pressure changing I will be able to enjoy my afternoons again, but the entire week has been dreadful. I feel as though its time to lob off my forehead just to give it soe different pain.

Does anyone else feel this?

My friends have said they do, so I thought I’d share and talk about how I get through it. Usually it is by drinking tap water like its my job, always having a glass at my desk or with my on the yoga mat. My next time is to have tension relieving postures and moments in the morning and leading into the afternoon. For example resting in child’s pose before the time your headache is due relaxes neck muscles and back mscles that support your head and lead to tension. I find that deep breathing also helps, although to be perfectly honest I could lay in bed with no light or sound with no tension at all and feel as though my head would explode.

I think the best tip I can give for this kind of thing would be to talk to your doctor or naturopath if it gets out of hand, but to first wait it out. It will suck, but that seems to be how life goes sometimes, we can’t always be comfortable, but we can be hopeful that it will only last for a short time.

I hope this helps anyoe else dealing with this crazy pain these days, best of luck!

xx Jess


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