My Not-So Beauty Faves

I’ve spoken before about how the nature of a LookBook confuses me, but I have yet to speak on a variety of other “Beauty Blogging” staples that bother me to no end. I will begin promptly because I feel strongly abot these things.

First is the “Monthly Favourites” videos. I could understand a “Seasonal Favourites” video, that dictated and showcased the various products used in the span of a quarter or four months, a season, because personally I ardly switch through products, especially ones that I would consider “favourites” monthly if quarterly. Given I am not explicitly a beauty blog and therefore do not spend all my time effort and money on products, nor do I get paid or given products for free to try, but in all fairness I find “October Favourites” posts and videos to be so…irritating. Like I said, a seasonal post/video would work for me, but I am not looking for every month something you liked or didn’t like, and maybe that’s just my cup of tea.

The next thing that frustrates me about certain beauty blogs and Youtube channels is the “Get Ready With Me” segments. I must admit that when they talk us through from shower to out-the-door-last-minute additions to the purse I find that very interesting. I like seeing what shampoo they might use on a date night or a premiere more so than on a regular day, or the mirror they use for fancy occasions, etc., my pet peeve here is when there is just a blog post of pictures and no written words, or a video with just images and no voice-overs. Maybe it’s the inner blind girl here calling out into the void for some descriptions because otherwise it is not enjoyable, but I find that I get more out of the blog posts I read when they have descriptions accompanying the photographs, especially in a GRWM setting. I could potentially give them credit for putting more into the description box of a YT video, but on a blog its sort of inexcusable in my eyes.

In reality I love beauty bloggers, I have actually been reading some of their blogs longer (by YEARS) than their Youtube channels, which is strange to me because I always thought I knew everything there was to know about YT, and then I discovered this beautiful niche that was basically just beautiful people supporting eachother. I love Youtube.

Don’t get me wrong, there are specific blogs that I follow all of the time, they post mainly things about beauty and lifestyle, and I cannot get enough. Some of their posts inspire my posts that I put here, obviously not plagerized or anything but sometimes if there is a product that I’d like to try and then I try it that was inspired by a blog I think that’s the point of blogging. The last thing that bothers me about Beauty Bloggers is that they all have made that jump to Youtube and then neglect their blogs.

Like I said I love Youtube and think that visual media is a step in the next and right direction for our generation, there is access to information and tutorials like never before. I searched “Amy Pond makeup tutorial” for Halloween and guess what? There were dozens of videos ready to show me how WITH A BLOG POST to go along. Those bloggers I salute you, keep up what you’re doing. I love the excess information, I love the detail overload, I love the video that is also accompanied by pictures. I belive those blogs to be quality, because those ladies (and men on occasion) maintain their blogs for their job, and they put the effort in.

It is when someone got big on Youtube and then only posts on their blog when they think about it. There’s something so classic about actually reading someone’s words and seeing them emonstrated throughout a post. Call me…old fashioned? I suppose I am an old fashioned media-nut, but I’ve been reading blogs for years, writing them for years, and I am a stickler for upkeep and manners. I still love the blogs and channels that I am referring to but if I am looking for daily inspiration, seasonal stuff, a little tidbit of glam and sparkle, I will be going to a variety of other, more daily blogs that have caught my eye and I can refer back to.

I have decided to spend one day a week recommending a beauty blog from now until whenever I ru out of my favourites, but today I thought I’d post the first Beauty Blog I ever bookmarked and have still followed until her Youtube debut, and how she converges the Blog and her Channel.


Xx Jess


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