Holiday (But Not Really) Films for an Eager Beaver!

Are you ready to get into the Holiday spirit but your family/friends/pets/coworkers/mirror looks at you weird for it? I know the feeling. I tend to start gearing up for Christmas after Rememberannce Day, which happens to be TOMORROW! Which means by Wednesday (if not enough already, since we bought new decoration yesterday at Home Depot/Home Sense) I can start making lists, gently informing family members of the holiday baking schedule, and start watching Holiday films! So I have decided to help YOU get into the holiday spirit in a small way, by suggesting my Top Five Holiday Films That ARen’t Really Christmas so they are acceptable before December!

As a disclaminer, I would’ve loved to include The Santa Claus with Tim Allen because it admittedly does not continuously occur during the holidays which is the grounds for me to add a film to this list, but because it has the jolly old generous man in the title it got bumped from the list, but if you are an eager beaver (and don’t already have plans, like me, to watch it numerous times later on this season) then by all means The Santa Claus is acceptable as Tim Allen (spoilers, unless you are very young you should’ve already seen this and this won’t be spoiling anything) progressively displays his Santa-ness all year round. Carrying on.

While reading this, if you truly wish to turn on a pre-Holiday, not-quite-Christmas-but-also-very-Christmas song, then put on “Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes, which accompanies a winter-y theme perfectly! Too early for you? Stop being such a Grinch.

1. The Holiday
2. Love Actually
3. Rise of the Guardians
4. Just Friends
5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
(Secret addition for if you have already watched the Nightmare Before Christmas on the grounds that it is technically about Halloween: Die Hard)

I could go through each film and say why it is “not quite” holiday, but happens to be set around the Christmas season but the main plot revolves around a variety of different factors that aren’t specifically Christmas. The plot may have been spurred by the holidays, such as The Holiday, Love Actually or Just Friends, or it could have a totally new and exciting taste like Rise of the Guardians or The Nightmare Before Christmas, which are both cartoons and both embody a strong sense of family values but also a variety of different holiday spirits. Die Hard, the sixth and final suggestion, is for anyone who is looking for an action packed (series) that is set during Christmas but really has nothing to do with it. I have spent an entire Christmas party watching the entire series because it was a good, high-action “holiday” film.

I honestly don’t think it is too early to watch any of the films above, especially after Rememberance Day tomorrow, so on Wednesday I will most likely be popping in Just Friends and settling into the cold weather and Christmas list-writing. If anything, these films help the flow of moving through the seasons for me at least.

So if you’re feeling seasonal, hit those films up, and if you’re not, then don’t. Something so strange and unique about this season is that every single person celebrates differently in their own time, and I’ve seen a lot of rough-language and arguments on a recent radio station’s facebook post about when it is okay to put up holiday lights and start celebrating. With respect to Rememberance Day, I don’t think it is anyone’s business how or when anyone else celebrates. No judgement, the holiday season is about love and giving, so why bother yourself over what otherpeople are doing? Just enjoy yourself the way you want to.

Xx Jess


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