DIY Week 1: Home Made Gloves

I have decided to kick off Do-It-Yourself week with something extremely necessary for the weather here in Canada this week as we are diping below zero starting tomorrow, and that is homemade fingerless gloves! This is something I thought of a few weeks ago when I needed a pair of gloves to store away in my purse but am on a budget. One of my favourite, cute pair of socks got a hole right in the toe, and I had the idea of converting them into a small pair of back-up gloves. Here’s how I did it!



You will need:
-A pair of old socks, could be new socks, sort of up to you. Mine were obviously straight from the laundry.
-A pair of scissors

How to:
I began by snipping off the toe of the sock, which was easy to follow along the different colour that usually comes on most ankle socks. Mine was shown from the lack of pattern on the toe, but if your socks don’t have a handy change of colour then I would suggest an inch or an inch and a half from the tip of the toe. You can always cut more, so air on the side of caution for your first snip.

step 1
After I checked to make sure this was a good fit for my hand, I turned the sock so the heal (where you would put your heal if you were actually wearing the sock) at the base of my palm, and stuck my thumb out as if hitch hiking. I grabbed onto the material of the sock at the tip of my thumb and pulled my hand out. I then made a very small snip where the tip of my thumb was.

step 2
After re-inserted my hand you can see that this fingerless glove does not, obviously, cover the main portion of fingers, this is handy for texting or running errands, I do not recommend these gloves for shovelling snow or long walks. Super for outlet shopping.
Repeat for the second sock and you’ve got yourself a pair of handy gloves!


I will be continuing my DIY week all week! Stay tuned for a variety of other fun and easy tricks!

Xx Jess


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