DIY Relaxing Evening

I’ve decided to do decked out Pamper evening routine do it yourself medley for today’s DIY, and that’s because I am in need of one and its going to be awesome.


The day before or earlier on in the day before you are going to have this pamper time, DO LAUNDRY.  Now, why would I tell you to do this?  If you put your robe, favourite towel, favourite pjs/loungewear, cosy socks, etc. anything you would need a favourite blanket perhaps, luxury face cloths I don’t know anything that is laundry-able put that into the laundry and use extra dryer towels to make everything smell and feel amazing.  This will maximize relaxation later and is usually a step that people overlook while planning a pamper night.  (For EVEN MORE relaxation/comfort wash your SHEETS at the same time, nothing like heading into a fresh linen-ed bed after a successful night of pampering!)

Seond thing you need to consider while preppin’ is what you wanna be snackin’ on or drinkin’ during your evening.  My favourites are ice water, red wine (one glass only usually), popcorn, crackers with my favourite cream cheese (smoked salmon if you were wondering) and probably some kind of berry-infused chocolate (raspberrrrry!).  Snacks and drinks make or break a pamper night.  I personally don’t love to over-indulge in unhealthy foods especially in the evening, it just doesn’t help me sleep, but I will have a glass of wine and water in the tub, a tea and a wee snack while the pampering begins.  So beforehand make a short list of what you’d like and get that PRIOR to the actual time of pampering.  Nothing ruins a relaxing evening like a trip to the grocery store.

Finally, figure out what you’re going to watch.  I like to prop my ipad on the side of the bathtub and watch bad girly tv like Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, at the moment it is Gilmore Girls, and have that for the entire night if not a film.  This should be chosen beforehand, because otherwise you will spend a lot of the night deciding what to watch.  If you have a shortlist of movies to select from or a tv show to binge then I would suggest planning ahead, if you need to rent a movie (is that still a thing?) or borrow a dvd, boxset, or register for Netflix (who are you??) then do so beforehand.


If we are going for the decked out Pamper Session, which we are, then I would start by removing all makeup, clothing, jewellry and the like after dinner and getting into a robe and slippers.  Best feeling ever.

After this I would run the biggest tub you have with the hottest water you can.  Close the door, and create a steam room effect in your bathroom.  At this point I would have a playlist, favourite artist, tv show on in the background for noise and comfort.  There’s nothing worse than trying to relax and hearing yourself/the bath, maybe that’s just me but I can’t deal with silence.  I’d bring my laptop, drinks/snacks, and Vogue into the bathroom and sit in there (side of the tub, floor, whatever you’re comfortable with) while the bath is running and the room gets steamy.  Enjoy this.  It is an awesome feeling.

While tub is running put in favourite bath accessory. I love LUSH and have this totally awesome holiday bar which my dad got me, and have a Zoella bath milk for ultimate smooth skin.  This is my favourite bath cocktail at the moment, but I suggest anything that smells kickass and has bubbles.  I’d light a candle at this time if you wish as well, I’ve got a Harvest Gathering Candle that is my fave for the autumn season!

Get in tub when it is cooled enough.  I like to wash my face with an exfoliator, as well as exfoliate my whole body with this salt scrub I bought at Winners.  Winners is awesome for random beauty bits and bobs that would usually be super expensive but are not at all.  Good gifts there too, but I buy a lot of my pampering things there.  I usually exfoliate my feet thoroughly, and my knees/elbows which are the driest parts of me when the air gets dry outside.  This is AMAZING when relaxing because everything is super smooth.  If I feel like shaving this is prime time, but if I’m particularly lazy then I just lather my favourite soap—at the moment its this body milk—all over so I smell and feel supa nice.

After getting bored and pruney I leave the tub and wrap up in my fave towel.  Notice how I didn’t touch my hair?  This is because I like to massage my head later.  Weird?  Probably.  Don’t care it feels nice and I usually shower in the morning after a pamper night to extend relaxation further.  Judge me go on I dare ya.

This is the part of the pamper night that I suggest you do your own things.  I personally find every luxurious product I own or can find in my mom’s cupboards to work with.  I have a specific face mask from Soap and glory and a combination Clinique super-moisturizing cream and a new Sephora lip exfoliant to all go together, as well as special creams and buffers for my fingernails, feet and shoulders.  All of these things have accumulated over the years, the kind of things you get from your auntie on Christmas or from a gift pack that you would put away in a cupboard to regifts, but as you got older you realise that Bert’s Bees is actually luxurious and you want to use these products selfishly instead of regifting at a Christmas party.  This is what I do, or I go to Winners and buy a few things.  There are a lot of fun things you can use, but while doing them keep a show on, a candle, and aglass of water.  By this time I get pretty tired, so after I’m done going through washing off various parts of face wash and exceess cream I will get into the best, most cosy pair of underwear I own and then into my jammies.  This is where the relaxation really gets in gear.

If you didn’t eat your snack while indulging in products do this now.  Lay down on your bed and put a hot water bottle under your neck and a pillow under your knees, to eleviate any pain, discomfort, or memory that you are anything but a Princess.  I then put my laptop or ipad on my chest and watch my shows until the middle of the night.  After which I’ll TRY to sleep in and get up to a nice, cleansing shower.

This routine is something I’ve not yet exactly perfected, it might be good with another person, but there’s nothing like spending time with yourself.  If you get lonely halfway through call your best friend or mom to have a good gossipy chat, those things are great,  or if none of this suits you..don’t do it?   These are just suggestions.

What I’m getting at here is that a Pamper Night, a Ladies Spa Evening, is nothing but fun and relaxing for you to unwind, so if you would rather go for a long walk and come home to a warm bath, that sounds awesome maybe I’ll actually try that tonight.  If you relax better on a couch surrounded by people, if you haven’t noticed by now that you should just do what makes you feel good, this is just what I’m getting up to this evening, to unwind from a week of work, travels and busy-ness in preparation for a week of work, travels and busy-ness.

You do you, people.

Xx Jess


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