DIY: Tolerance

When it comes to doing things yourself most people think of a typical tutorial to consist of handy work, crafting, meals, and for the purpose of a chilly Sunday I had intended on doing an entire post about a wonderful recipe I had found and a seasonal brunch that I was going to make for myself and maybe my dad, but he instead beat me to it and made us french toast, to which I saved for my own memory and had to reach for something else for today. On that note, I have tipped my hat to the untraditional and decided to do a tutorial, a DIY list if you may, on how to be more tolerant.

I do not pride m of discussion. Again, my views aren’t perfect, but a good “rule” to follow when it comes to you know, common decency and being social with other people is accepting them for what they choose to do with their life. If they are murderers or rapists or something completely terrible that’s different, but the little things, wearing tights as pants or choosing to wear a turtle neck, ordering a salad instead of a hamburger at the Works, are not grounds to judge people on. Accept as you would wish to be accepted. As you would wish you baby sister to be accepted at school, or your elderly grandmother at her book club.

yself on being the best, most well-rounded person ever, but I do consider myself open-minded. When it comes to tolerance however, I feel like there’s more to it than beinng able to withstand a large amount of pain (which I must say I am good at).

Is there a rule against accepting people despite their beliefs that I don’t know about? We don’t judge people for being vegetarian, or choosing to live in a rural town rather than a big city, and if you do this is an example of being intolerant which is the topic

In the event that you think ordering a salad at a gourmet burger shop is blasphemy, think of what the other person may or may not be going through in order to see through another person’s eyes as their situation may differ from yours. I find myself doing this when for example I ask a friend to go for dinner and they respectfully deny, I don’t expect a reason, but say they do not have the money or they have a family member who is ill, think of how you might feel in those situations and would you like someone judging you or closing their mind to your situation? You would ideally enjoy support or someone to talk to, so think about that the next time you force red meat on someone in public (touchy subject for me clearly). In my opinion this also comes into play with politics and religion, people make decisions based on their upbringing and found beliefs, so think of the reasons why that person may have those beliefs/practices instead of looking down on them/judging.

*I believe, however, that the exception to this rule in my opinion is when someone has an (here’s that word again) intolerant view themselves on an issue. For example they are not looking at both sides of a situation when they themselves are being racist and blaming it on their upbringing or “I’m old, this is how it was when I grew up!” A good friend of mine passed some sage advice to me recently, that “if Granny is advanced enough to use the computer, [ipad, electronic oven timer, electric toothbrush, basically anything invented after racism was socially unacceptable] then Granny can be tolerant with the rest of us!”

Finally, I would only make one last suggestion, and that is:

Trust and Follow Your OWN heart
Believe what you want to believe, this is your life. I was doing some extreme reflecting last night about my body, and that long-time-passed now but still-relevant-to-me Youtube craze called “Dear Boody” where they thanked their body in each capacity for its (in my opinion) “putting up with” the person for the last however many years. Who cares if I’m overweight or don’t fit into a size two? I am a happy, healthy, vibrant young lady, and I don’t want to waste my life wishing I was smaller-curlier-hair-smarter, etc. This is my life this is the only body I’ve got the only time I’ve got, so why spend it being negative? To you: why spend it judging others? Does that change anything for you? Follow your own rhythm, don’t live life to anyone else’s expectations, and live alongside and love others the way to which you want to. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but only by example express how important being tolerant could change your life and others around you.

I’m off to put up Christmas lights now (not to light them, just put them up before we are covered in huge blankets of snow!)


xx Jess


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