DIY: Home Made Cute-As-A-Pinboard Advent Calendar

The holidays are upon us my friends, are at least they are upon me, and my forced-upon family, and I have been planning this post for so long. So, here is my beautiful, home made, Advent Calendar for two!

I started by finding festive brown paper bags. Martin, my dedicated, patient, wonderful boyfriend put up with me going over the mall to find materials, until he found these perfect red paper bags. We also found small Christmas balls and cheeky mini peanut butter cups! This was a project I was anticipating for many reasons, but nothing like handy crafting to make a girl get excited about the holidays.

With this small bunch of supplies I sat down with a full water bottle and Christmas with the Kranks on Netflix to get to business!

 unnamed (1)

I began by cutting twenty-five paper bags so they were only the bottom quarter and put two small Christmas balls in EVERY package. Then I put them on the pinboard with a variety of pins.

image (2)       image

I then had cut fourteen green squares of paper to put numbers on and numbered the entire board, putting a checkered pattern in. This can be done in a variety of ways, I chose to randomize the numbersbut lots of advent calendars go from order from one corner to the next in lines, up and down, pictures representing the different days of Christmas, anything you want really this is the time to be creative. The black sharpie marker did not show up as wel on the red paper bags as they did on the green pieces of paper, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it nonetheless.

The last small addition I did make to this craft was on a few special days I added in a few extra special candies, because there happens to be a BIRTHDAY (before-mentioned boyfriend) and obviously Christmas Day will have more than just a few pieces of chocolate!

image (1)

And there you have it! It’s easy, affordable, and sentimental. I plan on taking down the packets as the days go by, so as the countdown gets smaller there are less bags, to me that just really shows that the count-down really is happening, as opposed to just emptying the bags of their contents.

This concludes my DIY week, but do not be sad, as the first week of December here on Cosy Notebook is going to be a DIY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE of home-made, thoughtful, and creative gifts or tricks for the gift-giving season! I hope this is cool, and if you have any suggestions PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH THEM. I’d rather do things that people would actually be interested in reading, as opposed to just things that I love to do (even though I’ll do what I want anyway)!

Happy Holidays!

xx Jess

ps. May I remind you that I am not a photographer in any way shape or form, I just like to show the process.  Please ignore my blackberry, open closet and messy desk, this is a DIY 🙂


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