Beauty, Skin, and Snow

Hello from snow-blanketted Canada everyone, I wanted to talk today about a fewthings that have been on my mind lately, beginning with Beauty. I have been super into this project lately called StyleLikeU, which is a mother-daughter run project that embraces women from around the world’s style, and as they answer questions about their style they take off of the clothing that they wore in. If you’re interested here’s the link to the Youtube channel:

And I’ve been pondering for a few weeks now what I would wear to embody and showcase my own personal style if I was asked to do this. I believe I am going to write a post, with pictures, on what I would wear, with reasons, in order to contribute and show what my style means to me. I encourage everyone to embrace their own style, who cares if you’re on trend or this seasons colours? As long as it is YOU then it shouldn’t matter. A brilliant project that I am so happy to have been able to witness.

Next on the docket is skincare. I am not sure how common skin changes for everyone during the various seasons, but this cold coming in has really affected my skin, and I have found myself having to exfoliate and using my Clinique Skin thirst-quenching syrum once a week in order to maintain a not-as-dry face, and have to moisturize every night all over my body. Is this common? Am I just too in-tune with my own skin? I’ve been trying to combat dryness with various moisturizers in my purses and bags, on every work space in my house, and after washing my hands I have a vaseline pump in my bathroom, but I feel like this winter is worse for my face especially. Maybe I will be working on another post later on this month about winter skin care, because I do trust my routine but it has recently had to change drastically due to the season changing so fast.

Speaking of the cold season change, we are seriously covered in snow here. This time of year (mid-to-late-NovembeR) tends to have a heavy snow fall and then warms up and by Christmas Eve-ish we are back with snow. I am sitting on the fence for this change, as for my skin and my need-to-walk-around-Uptown I am irritated because I love autumn and don’t think we got enough of it this year. BUT saying that and then thinking of the impending holidays, that I start celebrating around the 24 of November (a full month before Xmas Eve) and looking out my window to a beautiful winter wonderland brightens up not only every window in the house from the reflection of the sun on the snow, but my spirits, because Christmas is coming.

Betcha thought I was gonna say Winter is Coming, yeah, no, Winter is HERE!

Hope everyone is having a lovely hump-day, planning on some fun stuff for the rest of November here on Cosy Notebook!

xx Jess


2 thoughts on “Beauty, Skin, and Snow

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