The Ever-Elusive Productivity

I’ve been worrying myself a lot lately about productivity and what it means to be productive, and I think it means something very different to a lot of people. To everyone, in fact, productivity can mean a variety of things to everyone, and that’s where the external pressures of actually being prouctive enters and is a frustrating tacti. For example, I am going to my co-founders’ house for the weekend to work from Friday evening until Saturday evening nonstop, that is a long workday, but for some reason I still force myself to do work this week, because it is a weekday and I should be doing things, even though this weekend is going to be a draining time.

So, I’m trying to ease back because I deserve it. Everyone has days off, but I try to do at least a little work every day, and I have been for the past few months where I’ve ben working freelance on a variety of different things. Should I just be working five days and taking specific days off, to avoid this uncomfortable forcing of productivity? Or should I not take any days off, but be content with getting little bits of work done all through the week, with various breaks full of Gilmore Girls and boyfriends and coffee?

It’s a balance I have yet to master, and its becoming a problem.

Especially with the holidays coming. I feel as though I should be working on my web series every day, but then I don’t want to get creatively burnt out, and I have a handful of other projects that I want to give just as much attention to. Should I put a project on hold and take time off? Is there an answer to this that will mae me marginally more comfortable? I’m not sure.

For now I am focusing on the work that I do get done, and sometimes that happens late at night, I have the luxury to do that, and sometimes it gets done while I watch an episode of tv or after a workout in a moment of inspiration, should I be restricted by academic rules of productivity? Because I refuse to feel shackled by deadlines and “normalcy” when it comes to this kind of thing in my Year of Wonder, as I’ve just coined right now, referring to the year where I made my own schedule, did what I wanted, and still got things done.

I deserve the flexibility to take breaks, go for walks, have coffee dates, take a night off, and work through the night, because that is the life I have right now, and I am not taking that for granted.

To anyone who is struggling to be productive: keep going. For those who worry about the consistency of their productivity like me: relax. You can only do what you have the capacity to do, but always challenge yourself. I have at least 20 000 words left for my #NaNoWriMo project and bygolly I am going to get through those 20 000 words, but it may not be every day. Those are the rules I have set for myself.

Xx Jess


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