Clinging to Autumn While Still Welcoming the Holidays

I’ve spent today working on holiday plans, and working through the various lists I have to go through before the holiday season officially begins on the first of December with the putting up of our Christmas tree. In a mourning fashion I have been clinging to autumn colours and styles, my autumn candle burning beside me and everything apple cider-y still present in my life. I love autumn, but I want to embrace the holidays as much as possible.

So I have started, slowly, decorating my room with penguins, holiday trees, lights, and the like. Today my mom bought me an oversized Christmas bow for my door, and although I cling to my tights and burgandy skirt I smile bright with the music and shopping and hustle and bustle and sleigh bells surrounding me. I have decided to share a bit of this with you today.

What do you do for the pre-holidays? I lust after the holiday treats that I restrain myself from overeating beforehand, and lust after various Christmas jumpers and SALES that come with the December, winter-y season. I wait for the day I can download the fireplace app for my ipad and have it on during my knitting nights or even the fireplace in my living room with a cup of hot tea early winter mornings. These are the things that I am looking forward to with the winter-y, holiday season.

As for autumn? I refuse to pull out my winter coat, but layer my autumn coats and add on hats and mits. I plan on making my own “Guide to Stay Warm and Look Cool,” which will include layering, double-socking, and not letting any flesh be exposed other than the nose and eyes, and mouth if you are feeling crazy. But for right now, my thin scarves and burgandy lipstick are staying full-force, for another week at the very least.

xx Jess

image (4)   image (5)

image (3)


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