Chilly Fashion for Chilly People

As the cold weather swoops in and everyone scrambles for their snow boots, warm scarves, and thick tights, I have to wonder how we all manage this and don’t go insane. I lived in England for the autumnal months in 2012 and watched as the winter coats were placed on small children and adults alike by mid-October to early November. Ha-hha! I would cackled, being a Canadian and knowing that we withstand quite a lot of cold beforre ever taking our thick, double-down coats from the hall closet,but everyone was so eager to jump for their woollys, it got me thinking…

In Canada we have winter from mid-November until March, so we put off bundling up, but the seasons change around the world and everyone is as eager to sport the winter fashions as they are for the Fall seasonal clothes, I like a good warm sweater as much as the next person.

Then how do we keeep warm in our extended-use peacoats? We layer, undershirts and long sleeves become good friends, and we express interest in the ever-changing “trends” to sport something new and yet warm.

For example yesterday wasn’t as much freezing as windy, so I wore a dress with a long sleeved cardigan, scarf, woolly hat, oversized boyfriend jacket, knee-highs and Zara boots. These confusing clashing additions ended up saving me from the middle-of-the-night cold that comes with darkness in the colder months in Canada. This outfit, although not sported by me previously, was not only cute and comfortable but warm. Bingo.

I would never wear knee-highs if the temperature dropped below zero or it was a heavy snowstorm, and the scarf I wore seemed to conduct the wind towards my chest, a bit counter productive, but the key to dressing for cooler weather is comfort.

And, the ultimate rule at least here in Canada when it becomes 25 below zero degree celcius and there is a real fear of frostbite, warmth trumps style. I’ve gone to parties on Saturday nights with the temperature way below zero and worn track pants over my knee highs, sweaters over my dresses (and under my jacket) and woolly scarves to cover my mouth and neck-who wants their makeup to freeze on their face? Thats an unmoving trick no one wants.

When it gets down to it, the cold adds to cuteness with rosy cheeks and the added bonus of increased number of coffee dates.

xx Jess


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