Gift Guide Part 1: HER!

Are you struggling to think of anything for the people on your gift-giving list?  I have gone through this stress multiple times, usually around mid-October however I write out numerous lists that are ever changing until around this time where I finish my shopping and buy a little extra for those people you forget to buy for—it happens!  So I thought I’d share some ideas with you that I’ve used in the past, and a few from this year, so that if you are in that what-do-I-get-them?! Situation you can at least have a small amount of inspiration!

I am going to begin with Gifts for HER!  The women in your life romantically, friends, or general, stocking-stuffers for people you may or may not know intimately.  Why all the categories?  Because people like gifts yo, and sometimes you don’t know what to get them, and that’s cool I’m here for you.


I will constantly suggest for you to either make something or find something extremely sentimental for you lady friend of choice, because there is nothing like an inside joke or intimate moment you share being reminded of and represented in gift form.  If you have been there done that or are looking for something a bit more, then carry on.


This is a normal go-to, but I suggest looking a bit deeper and going a bit further for this gift.  Below is a ink to a necklace that I actually would love for myself, and it is from the website etsy, and I recommend this website for pretty much any kind of sentimental gift because it is one-of-a-kind and beautiful.  You support entrepreneurs, and you find your gal a sweet ass piece that she will find nowhere else.  Otherwise, hit Pandora if she’s into it, and create a bracelet for her that connects the two of you.  Don’t go generic for jewelry, you are their partner in crime yo, try and find something that speaks to her in the way that only you know her!


You all probably know this, but women like to smell nice.  This is a bit of a give away, and most gift guides include perfume, but I would go even further than that and find the perfect scent for your lady.  Find something she would love, find something classic, and find something –here’s the important bit- that she would never buy for herself.  We can buy ourselves all kinds of things that’s what shopping is, but there are always those items, and in my case particularly perfume, where we will not buy ourselves because it isn’t justified.   I would suggest a classic Chanel, but even looking at the Body Shop scents and mists, they’re a bit more low-key but more practical and lighter than the designer scents in my opinion.


Maybe this gift only applies to like…me, or the girls that I know, but if our signifigant others takes time to search for a book that we would like in particular or one we have been lusting for it is more heartfelt and admirable than just going and buying a gift card for Indigo.  I love getting book recommendations and I personally like a large variety of genres, and so if your lady is similar then I would suggest looking through her shelves, having an actual conversation with her about her likes/dislikes (should this be on this list?  Why are you dating this person??) and then spend an hour sifting through a bookshop and finding her a good book.  This is a simple suggestion, actually, and isn’t expensive, but is heartfelt all the same.


This may be hard for some people as a lot of women are extremely picky with their footwear as well, but I spend a lot of time showing my partner (friends, family, strangers in the mall, on the bus, etc.) the shoes that I would love and wear.  This takes a bit of sneaky work by finding her shoe size in a shoe while she is in the bathroom (or ask her like a normal human being) and then going to the shoe store and finding something luxurious, practical, or (my favourite and the inspiration for this suggestion) a good pair of slippers.  Slippers are usually something women don’t spend a lot of time thinking about or a lot of money on, and it isn’t something we’d think to buy ourselves, so finding a cosy, pretty pair of slippers is thoughtful and sweet.  Go for that.  Good call.

A Day at the Spa

Despite what every woman on the planet says we like to be taken care of.  That doesn’t necessarily mean moneywise (ha-ha) but I mean specifically fawned over, pampered, and if you’re not into givig massages or pedicures then get her a day at the spa.  Massages are the ultimate relaxation, facials make us feel fresh, mani/pedi’s are the epitome of luxury, and if anything just a day of quiet and calm is just what we need in our busy lives of being successful bad ass women whom you are in love with.  This gift may be a bit pricey, if money isn’t on your side this Christmas then look for just one treatment, like a pedicure or a full hour massage, things that will be just as luxurious and beneficial and relaxing.

Stay Away From…

Handbags.  Unless she explicitly gives you a link or shows you in-store, handbags are the HARDEST things to buy for women, because they love their handbags and are picky about it.  Or at the very least I am, and so if yo make a choice and she doesn’t love it…you’ll know.

Best Friends, Gal Pals, your friends who happen to be women…

My best friends and I actually don’t exchange gifts but buy eachother time together, this has changed as we have gotten older because we don’t always get that quality time like we used to.  So if you are legit strapped for cash and are spending all your money on gifts for grandma or your boyfriend then the biggest suggestion I can give is to plan a luxurious ladies night with an old movie you both used to love and snacks and champagne.  This is invaluable and extremely thoughtful and super fun!  If you have a bit of cash to spare, carry on!


No one ever looks at their scarves and says “I’m good don’t need any more!” and especially for your friends this gift becomes sentimental and special if you find one that you picked yourself or found in a vintage store.  Scarves keep women warm and fashionable, how thoughtful is that?  They also vary in price, they can be in all kinds of colours and styles, you could even make them (like me) if you have the time and talent!

Make Up

Girl, take a Sephora trip and after you’ve spent a time looking for something for yourself take a gander in someone else’s style and try to think of what that friend of yours would appreciate.  Don’t go overboard, but everyone loves some quality make up.  One of my favourite gifts ever was the Naked 2 palette which will last and is so thoughtful and beautiful.  If you are a bit strapped for moolah check out the drugstore and pick out some Rimmel lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes, these are again the kind of things that all ladies secretly love but (unless are invested in beauty-blogs like me) don’t spend a ton of time looking through.  If you want something soft and fresh try The Body Shop’s make up collection, or Lush, who use organic and clean products!

Lush Bath Products

Speaking of handmade, organic, not-tested-on-animals products Lush Bath Products are a fabulous idea for anyone who loves luxurious baths.  There are holiday packages as well as individual bubble baths.  I suggest actually going into a store and smelling each one, and then casually drop in a bath bomb for yourself, because you are worth it!

Statement Jewelry

Similar to buying for a girlfriend, buying for a friend who is a girl means that those ladies love their bling.  Instead of going for something intimate and sentimental/romantic, go chic with strong, bold statement jewelry.  Most clothing stores have a jewelry section, Old Navy, Aldo or Dynamite all have extensiveand smart statement necklaces and rings that will be perfect for any pal you’ve got, because everyone needs a statement now and again.

Favourite TV/Movie/Book Paraphernalia

Being a good friend you will know the likes and dislikes of you lady friend, so spend some time in HMV, Urban Outfitters, or Target and find some cosy, cute, and fabulous things that would be special and fun as a gift.  This could include a poster, a tote bag, maybe even a magnet.  Mugs always come with cute quotations and there are many varieties of glass cups from Target with TMNT or Avengers on them, which would be great for any lover of those fanbases.  These can be dorky, cute, or sentimental, whatever you choose they will love it!  This website prints entire books onto tshirts/tote bags!  So sweet!

General Ideas

All of the items from the Friendship sections apply to this section, but here are a few more ideas:


Coffee/Tea Travel Mug and Gift Cards for Starbucks

Hand Cream –the Body Shop, Bath and Bodyworks

Alcohol—Gift Package, Cocktail Glasses and Mix

Polaroid Camera –who would ever say no to that?


Stay Tuned…

For tomorrow, when I take on buying Gifts for HIM!  And there will be a special program on Saturday for Gifts for HOMES such as hostess gifts, what to bring to a “White Elephant” party, or to bring home from college on a dime!  If today’s post even inspired you a little I will be happy, I went out and did 80% of my Christmas shopping toay an will be finishing it all by tomorrow!  So I am very excited to be sharing my tips and tricks that I have accumulated over the yearsjust for YOU!

Xx Jess


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