Gift Guide Part 2: HIM!

The saga continues, and I’ll get right into it but first I must add that yesterday’s post about gift for her could also be used for a SISTER, which I said to my brother when I asked if he had read my blog. He said no, to which I suggest he did-HAHA. Alright, onto the suggestions for that special man in your life!

For your Man Friend of Romantic Choice…
I tend to buy most of the men in my life a wallet at one point or another. Ever since I started buying my own presents the wallet is usually what gets chosen for any man, but a romantic partner in particular because it can be a bit more costly, a bit more fancy, and a bit more thoughtful than just a box of chocolates (although a good replacement on short notice). I suggest going to Fossil, American Eagle or a department store like The Bay to find a wallet of choice. This gives a range of prices but also quality regardless of what you pay. Does it matter what you pay? Make a wallet out of uct tape, should I do a DIY? Probably not because I have no faith in myself being able to make one. But good luck to you if you want to try!
This idea is one of the expensive, only-buying-one-gift gift suggestions for the fashionable (or wannabe fashionable) men in your life. Since you are romantically involved with this man you will know what his style is, what he may like on his wrist, or if something like a chain watch or a leather band would work for him. Know these things before shopping, because otherwise an unwanted awkward situation could ensue, and we don’t want that around the holiday season! So take some time, work out what may work for your guy, and take a deep breath and take the plunge: a watch is a thoughtful git for any occaision really.
Various Video Game Accessories
Maybe this only pertains to my current man friend, but it is a pretty safe bet to go into EB Games or any geeky online website and find something aout video games. A new mouse he constantly brings up? That one brand of accessories he points to every time you go into Future Shop? A particular game that he loves has brought out an entire line of sweets/candy? Go crazy. Things like this come out thoughtful, like you listen to them, and like you’re the cool lova who is on top of the interests that he has. This also works with movie franchises, books he reads, shows he watches (Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, and Marvel all have extensive cannons of paraphernalia available everywhere from HMV to Amazon, just get lookin’!).
This streams along the same river as the “spa day” that I suggested in my lady friend’s guide, in which I say that if you want to go all out go for something big, find tickets to his favourite theatre company, msical artist, sports team, or anything else along those lines, and surprise him for you to go together. This could be anything that your guy in particular enjoys, and it will most likely cost a bit of money. If you are looking for something a bit more low-key, find something a bit more local, find a deal day, use copons, and find tickets for something that you could enjoy together but mostly for him. Remember these tickets are for him to enjoy, and so really find something that pertains to him. Stay within budget. Be positive. Use coupons. Go far and prosper.
Now, you love him, you really do, but those nike trainers aren’t really the most desireable look for a night out with your friends or a dinner at your parents’ house. He still wears printed tshirts from a dinosaur tv show that aired in 1999? Maybe its time for him to get some new clothes. Oh, you’ve found the ONLY man in the world who enjoys shopping for clothes? Lucky you. For the rest of us, Christmas is one of the best times to go forth and find the clothes that you think would look good on your guy and give it to him. Maybe this is a bit manipulative, and I would never suggest anything that would get you in trouble, so if your guy truly loves the way he looks and goes out and spends his own money on clothes but its just not your style, don’t bother with this one, or go out and buy the clothes that he enjoys. But if he is one of those guys who is just too lazy to spend time sifting through H&M, J Crew or Asos online then I suggest you go forth and do what you do best: find something that would look good. Ask for his sizes in advance and then go and find what you think would be nice, and then eventually he will wear it. From experience if you buy something and he doesn’t wear it immediately DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. He is new to the whole “Style” thing (most likely, that was a generalisation, I’m sorry, it’s a blog hop off my back) so give him some time to ease into the new wardrobe. Don’t go overboard either, a new pair of shoes and a shirt to start, and then move onto a new leather belt and hat for Valentine’s Day, take it from me this will work eventually, just be patient, confident, and compassionate to their own temperament!

For the Guys Who are Your Friends…
Most likely you will have an inside joke, a movie you saw in a group, a movie from a class where yo both suffered thorugh, or a movie he hasn’t seen but MUST, in which you can buy in the discount bin for ten bucks at Wal Mart and you MUST buy it for him. Sometimes guys don’t feel obligated to give presents around Christmas, don’t be offended, do it anyway, never expect anything while giving gifts, and just enjoy the idea of him trying to get the seran wrap off of the DVD when he gets home and cursing to himself, that would be good enough of a gift for me! Movies to start with: Snatch, the Matrix, A Beautiful Mind, Hairspray, Almost Famous.
This may be a real niche gift, for the guys who love their ipods, their classic rock, their dubstep beats, but giving them the ability to listen to those either privately on the bus or publically in their bedrooms then I would definitely go for it. You can get decent headphones in HMV for twenty dollars or speakers at Future Shop for a bit more, and there’s always Amazon or coupons, I keep saying coupons, do your best finding these. Music Is so personal or I would suggest buying them a cd, but this way it says that you support their music taste (regardless if you do or don’t) and that you want to give them something thoughtful but useful.
Now, this really is only for the guys who are old enough and prefer to drink alcohol, but buying a neat imported beer or liquor is such a cool gift, especially if you could afford a glass or two, or a funny shot glass to go with it. This is of course something you must know about the guy you are buying for, but chances are you have or talked about drinking with them, and so this is a neat idea! If your guy doesn’t drink, then go for some obscure beverage from the nineties or the states, like Mountain Dew Red or Coke Original Bottles, things that you can buy in mom and pop shops as well as across the border, but you will need to do a bit of research for that. If you don’t have the time, find a new energy drink and see if that works for him. These are the ideas of a woman who has had to buy gifts for boys all through high school and had no idea what to go for, and this was always a hit!
Joke Gifts
This seems extremely self explanatory to me, but a BB Gun, that “Go the Fuck to Sleep” children’s book, an empty bag of chips, I don’t know what kind of weird jokes you get up to with your friends, but make a connection between the things you talk about and something unique to give to him. If you saw Fight Club together, punch him in the eye—JUST KIDDING, but that sort of explains what I’m suggesting, find something that pertains to your friendship and make it a joke and then give it to him. Toy stores, Etsy, and your imagination are good places to look for these.
Hats Mitts Gloves
Along the same lines as buying your boyfriend clothes, buying your guy friends winter wear is a good idea. Who couldn’t use a new pair of gloves? Or a cosy hat? Or a scarf? And top that off with lazy boys who aren’t as proactive about winter weather as most people. If you guy friend is proactive and has all of this, they a variation on one—maybe a printed hat or a scarf that has a funny joke on it, combine the two suggestions—win win! Practical funny things are the best. If anything, just the thought that goes into worrying about your friends warmth and comfort is enough of a gift, because we all know how cold it gets and how much guys can complain about it.
General Ideas…
Comic Books/Books
Board Game
Gift Certificate for Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Game Store etc.

Well, this concludes part 2, and we will continue this helpful (hopefully) series with HOME and HOST gifts tomorrow! What a crazy week of blogging, posting every day, and this will probably continue through the holidays so that I can have the flexibility to post whenever I can! It’s about to get BUS-AY up in this life of mine friends! But the blog goes on! Take care!

Xx Jess


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