DIY Christmas Tree Tea Baubles

In order to start this DIY I covered my work table with my plaid blanket, made a tea and put on an apple crisp candle and got all of the materials set up for TEA CHRISTMAS BALLS!

I spent a long time looking for the plastic balls that come in halves to use for this DIY but I found them in Michael’s Craft Store for $1.50 each! Which was sweet, but I’m sure any craft store will have something similar around the holidays!image (12)

Next I got together the various thing to go inside of the balls like an assortment of teas, and small tinsel novelty balls that I also found at Michael’s.

image (13)image (14)

You may be wondering what that ball of yarn is doing there!  That is for the hanging of the balls, and I also had tape and a pair of scissors with me to keep the ball closed.  I had a hard time threading my yarn through the small hole at the top of each ball so I used silver twist ties to connect the two!

Basically I just put all of the inner materials inside of the ball…

image (11)

And then taped the ball closed, before threading the twist tie through the small hole and tying a four=inch piece of yarn around the twist tie, making it easy to hang the balls on any tree!

image (9)  image (8)

And that was it!  Very easy to make and a sweet low-cost gift for the tea lovers on your list!  These balls with about a handful-sized, so you could put small chocolates, toys, or anything you really wanted inside!  I chose tea because I love tea and it was a neat holiday idea!  I hope this was helpful, and happy holidays!

image (10)

image (6)


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