Roman Holiday, <3

I have always wanted to watch Audrey and Gregory find their way around Rome, but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I sat down to have leftover lasagna and salad and green tea that it happened to started one minute into me sitting down. Black and White classic gold I tell you, so wonderful, a knitter’s dream.

So I sat and knit, and smiled a lot. I always assumed that the story of a Princess who is tired of her life so she takes a day to do “whatever she wants” would be a bit cliche, a bit bleh, yawn, etc., but I truly enjoyed it. Audrey Hepburn, despite being my classic style Goddess was absolutely stunning in very little makeup and just simple acting. Gregory Peck-classy and hot, the usual, in black and white–and the entire story endig with one of the most simple and elegant, not twisting and turning plots, that I’ve ever seen.

The thing that irked me the most about the film was the lack of conflict, even when Ann (spoilerz if you care) returns back to being a Princess after her -hehe- Roman Holiday, and finds out that Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) is revealed to have been a part of the press the entire time, she is not mad, she just remains royal and positive about the entire experience while returning to her busy life as a royal. Maybe the lack of conflict and twists and turns is what made me like the film the most, because it was so simple, and strong, that it didn’t need blow-ups, or even too much romance, just the story of a simple girl doing what she likes for once.

Which included sidewalk cafes and champagne at lunch, honey, that’s the life. In roma nonetheless.

What have I gotten from this experience? That the old films that I’ve assumed are boring suit a mood that comes once in a while, and to give them a chance. Also that Audrey Hepburn is flawless and I want to look/be her immediately. Sigh, I guess that fabulousness can only be conveyed in classic black and white.

xx Jess


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