Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

If there is one thing (among a sea of others) that irritate everyone around the holiday season it is the crazy shopping that we all inflict upon ourselves. We want to find the best gift, good sales, perfect colours and something special and unique. The shopping centres we choose to frequent however seem to blast the heat, overcrowd, and blare the worst handfuls of holiday tunes they could find to confuse you and maliciously rob you of any morsel of enjoyment from your shopping experience. Do not fret, friends, for I have a few tips to help get you through this dire time.

1. Don’t Wear Your Coat.
A lot of people make this mistake because it is so cold outside, but it gets so hot and so stressful during a long shopping trip that it just makes more sense to layer sweaters or get a locker at the mall and not wear your coat into the stores. I only recently learned this trick and BOY does it save me from getting overwhelmed while deciding between this sweater or this sweater, or at the till when I realise my credit card bill is through the roof.

2. Budget Beforehand
Everywhere is going to boast that they have a sale, so if you aren’t as organized as me who writes lists upon lists and you are more of a browse-while-shopping-till-you-find-the-perfect-gift shopper then at least set yourself a budget for each eprson or the entire day. That way it’ll be easier to stick to it when you are standing in line at a Forever 21 deciding if your cousin Alice will actually love the fur coated vest you’re holding that is over your credit card limit or if she’d rather a homemade batch of cookies.

3. Bring Your Own Bag
Similar to grocery shopping I bring a lululemon re-useable bag to hold all of the currently in process buying or bought gifts. This cuts down on your hand-holding abilities and your shoulders, which will start to hurt by the time you get to lunch. Backpacks are a good option, but I tend to stick to the kind of bags I could hold in one hand or sling over one shoulder so that no gifts are smushed in the shopping process. It is a delicate art, shopping.

4. Hydrate!
It is bloody hot in the malls out there people. It is cold outside and no one in any mall ever takes into account that not everyone just materializes inside a mall from their home so everyone has to make a trip out to the mall, and usually are wearing winter clothing like boots, hats, sweaters and the like. Bringing your own water bottle or making a stop at a juice stand before you start to browse may save your attention span, energy, and life when it comes to the big crowds around the holidays. Hydrate, people!

5.Get ‘Er Done
Do not linger. Do not meander. Do not wait for the lady with a stroller to look at the children’s bathing suits infront of you. Power through. Do not maul the lady with a stroller find an alternative route but just get going. No one gets all of their shopping done in one day, but you can cover a lot of gorund by staying focused and not seeing a pair of shoes that YOU would like and looking at them, sitting, trying them on, and ultimately deciding not to buy them because its Christmas and you asked for a pair from your brother. Snap a quick photo and text it to your brother, and then get going. Don’t focus on yourself, tis the season for giving! And just get going, because otherwise it’ll never get done!

So I hope these helped a little or will help if you’re still in need of going out and about. I have about two more gifts to figure out for sure, and a few more to MAKE since I am a knittah and tend to make a lot of my gifts, but I wish you all luck on your gift buying this holiday season (and making if you are as adventurous or broke as I am!) and that you all find the perfect gift for yours this season!

xx Jess


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