Perfect Holiday Red Lipstick


I pride myself on having bold lips all year round, but since everyone else takes the holidays to be bold on their lips as well I thought I’d share my most favourite red lipstick, and that is this bold red from NARS.

“Red Lizard”

lipstick nails  lipstick open

It doesn’t sound very Christmas in the season, and I bought it a few years ago I think coming up on four years ago now, and for a while it was the only red lipstick I owned and I wore it anytime I went out. If I can find a photo of me wearing it a few years ago I’ll insert that now.


(Context:  My final thesis of my Theatre undergrad was an ensemble project about witches, we had a photo shoot with masks, this is one of the best ones of me we got.  It was a compulsory lipstick day!)

But what I love about the bold red lipstick around the holidays is that regardless of what you wear it will always seem in the season. You’re wearing a green dress? BOOM, the red comes out as super Christmas-y. Black? BOOM the red lipstick makes it pop and a bit more bold. Patterns? BOOM draws the attention to your face and your mouth, what we all want around the holidays, right?


I personally am loving another colour for the winter as well which is more of a burgandy, but if I am honest I will be pulling this NARS Red Lizard out for most of the holiday parties I am attending this year, with maybe one or two burgandy throw ins once in a while, if not just for intimate gatherings. Red just seems more of a party colour, so burgandy might work better with Christmas Day Dinner at Grandma’s or a dinner with a friend.

If you are trying to figure out what to wear this holiday season I have a few posts for next week with Christmas/Holiday party dress ideas so do not fret! I went through my entire closet yesterday and found some summer-re-vamps and some classic winter-one-offs to photograph and show for you! Have no fear, I am the Holiday MASTER!

Now go off and find your perfect red lip for the parties!

xx Jessfinal photo


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