I woke up this morning with a very sore throat. Needless to say I slept in a ilttle and spent the majority of the day finishing up my shopping for gifts and washing my hands. I bought a knock-ff brand of neocitron and am going to be having a cup or a litre of that tonight. I am determined to beat this illlness before the Christmas holiday sets upon the rest of the world (because my holiday started the day after graduation, apparently). This brings on remembering when I was a perfect temperature at all times, which was never, because I always seem to be in an imbalance.

Last night and this morning I was so cold despite the foggy heat wave we are experiencing and after being warm all afternoon have returned to being freezing for the night. Is it so hard to just feel warm, to feel comfortable, at all times? Apparently. Despite my layering, warm beverages, and socks I always seem to be the wrong temperature.

My family combats the cold weather with warm food. We mae a lot of soup, or like tonight we make “hot beef sandwiches,” which is leftover gravy and beef frrom a toast poured over a piece of bread. This is amazing, and today accompanied by a small salad and a cold glass of water was exactly the “cure” (however temporary) for my poor throat.

I plan on drinking nothing but tea and water for the next few days, and with that I hope that combined with a few immunity-boosting yoga practices and hand sanitizer I can stay sniffle, sore throat, and headache free well into 2015.

In other news I have decided to attempt roasting chestnuts this weekend (or monday) so look forward to that advenure. I have to spread my Christmas cheer until the 29 and have decided to host a New Year’s Eve party, so not only have I been preparing for the giving season but also bringing in the new year with good food and friends!

I hope that your holiday preparations are going well, and don’t forget to use mouthwash and wash your hands regularly! Drink orange juice, and stay warm during these chilly nights! Oh, and get your sleep! That is one tip that I have yet to master without fail!

xx Jess


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