Winter’s Evening

I’ve seen many posts, videos, and statuses about friends having special evenings with friends or alone, and in particular videos about “Winter Night Routine” which I find a bit strange, obviously about a pamper night that focuses on skin care and the like. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to worry about my skincare routine around the holidays. I stick to what’s gonna get me through, and do a bit of exfoliating and special heavy-duty cream, and wait for January to have a pamper night post-holiday hustle and bustle so that it is worth it.

So for me a winter night routine would be something very boring to some, but very normal and pleasureable for me.

Silent Night   –   The Pentatonix

A warm beverage is made, a holiday movie is picked, Christmas lights are lit on the tree and the curtains are drawn so that I can see the snow or lights outside. Knitting at my side, most of the evening is taken up of silence from me (other than giggling) as I allow myself to be surrounded in joy of the season. Even if I am with people I tend to be quieter around this time just naturally, not sure why, just tend to absorb others around me and their energy.

Before bed I tend to wash with a foaming cleanser and use my Body Shop Night Cream, haha, the skincare is there! I light candles at this point too, at this point its my new Yankee Candle “Red Berry and Cedar” which smells of real pine tree and some tea lights of apple risp varieties around my room. I only let these burn for about a half hour while I wind down before bed. I sometimes put on my Christmas lights that are hung around my room too, but usually do not watch anything Christmasy in order to not be full of energy for bed.

I drink water and try to do some night time stretches, and I open my window for a short period of time around now too, ust to let the cooler air overcome the heating and cool my sheets down. I’d rather be cold for sleeping than warm, that’s a preference thing though.

After I’ve watched an episode or two on Netflix I blow out the candles, put my computer away, close the window and pop my fan on that circulates the air. I’ll take my ipod and do my night time “Loving Kindness” sleep meditation that allows me to wind down and I usually fall asleep with my headphones in, which is an innocent, laugh-inducing quality that I’ve recently squired in my night time routine. Oh, witner, and your annoying changing temperatures that make it hard for me to sleep.

As for the rest I hopefully am sleeping! I’m hoping to use this routine around Christmas Eve in order to actually sleep. I may be nearly 23 but I have yet to sleep a full 8+ hours in anticipation for Christmas morning!

As for nights out during the winter it varies, and come New Yer’s or pre-party time I may do a “special holiday evening” routine, maybe with pictures, which may be a bit more informative. I am just hopefully gearing up for a nice winter evening in tonight in order to recharge (even more!) for the upcoming holiday week!

Best wishes to you this winter on many cosy nights!

xx Jess


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