Skirt Innovation

Do you have a maxi dress in the cutest print but it is hard to wear boots with?  Or possibly impossible?  Well, this past weekend I did something I didn’t realise was even possible with a maxi dress that was an investment, comfortable, and totally appropriate to wear (colour-wise) for the winter season but too thin to wear without extra tights or with clunky boots.  It is a thin, stretchy material that I folded in half and used two safety pins to pin together at the top and tuck into a pair of tights. And wear it as a shorter skirt!

I was weary of wearing this outfit out that night (what is with all of the double words going on in this post? Possibly-impossible?  Weary-wearing? Outfit-out? Who am I, doctor Seuss?) but I did with a coat and boots of course and it reminds me of outfits that my mom wears to work that are business-casual and put together, which was fabulous since I had only wanted a shorter skirt than a maxi skirt for a night out of sangria and good chats!

 photo (1)

I’m sure this really would only work on one-layered, thin materialed skirts, but it is worth trying if there’s a neat printed or coloured maxi that you bought in the summer and want to try wearing this winter!

Good luck and be cute!

xx Jess


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